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Requesting Space or an Event at CCA

Last updated on Apr 18, 2024

Self Serve Reservations

Self serve reservations are now available for faculty, students and staff.

If you need to reserve a seminar room, studio or lab for a meeting or need to reserve a nave wall (for single day use), then please visit our site . These reservations do not need to be approved and are confirmed as long as the space is available.

Please see below for more information concerning how to reserve rooms, nave walls or requesting an event at CCA.

If you have any questions or do not see a space that you are interested in listed then please contact

  • For up-to-date campus access restrictions and protocol, please see the Campus Access page.
  • For information about Exhibition and Gallery spaces, please see the Exhibition page.

Reserve a Room

If you need information on how to reserve a room then please follow this link.

*If you are looking to edit or cancel your reservation please contact

Reserve a Nave Wall (single day usage)

If you need information on how to reserve a nave wall for single day use then please follow this link.

*If you are looking to edit or cancel your reservation please contact

*If you need to reserve a nave wall longer than one day then this is considered an installation and you must submit the Facilities Exhibition and Installation Guidelines Form and contact your event sponsor (from either the Student Life/Student Affairs division or your Program Manager) who can submit your installation request for you.

Requesting an Event at CCA

If you want to reserve spaces such as Timken Hall, Nave Presentation Space, or Blattner Hall then please contact your event sponsor from your Program or Division such as your Chair or Assistant Director or from Student Life/Student Affairs. Any event request requires a minimum of a two week notice.

If your event is characterized by any of the following then please contact an event sponsor :

  • Attendance higher than 49 people. This does not include Timken
  • Event would take place in the Nave or utilize multiple spaces throughout the college
  • Event would take place over multiple days
  • Intended audience is for the general public
  • Event would include catering and/or alcohol being served
  • Event would take place on a weekend or around a holiday

If you would like to place a temporary hold on a space while you are gathering required information, you may do so. A hold is intended as a temporary measure until a complete event request has been submitted.

An event is not approved until it has been reviewed and been confirmed by all supporting departments. When your event has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation.

If you have questions about whether your event is appropriate for the space you would like to request please contact