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Rewind Review Respond Vol. 7 | Fall 2023

Last updated on Jan 30, 2024

Rewind Review Respond is an online forum where CCA students write about recent events and the ideas that affect their practice, communities, and fields of study. We invite you, the CCA community, to take time to rewind your week back to these events, take a deeper dive into ideas discussed, and respond to these reviews. RRR is organized by the Exhibitions Department, and edited by Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle and Vanessa Pérez Winder, with original graphics by Ramyatara Mullapudi. To join RRR's team of reporters, please send an email to


Forever Unseen at PLAySPACE

Forever Unseen

December 5–12, 2023

By Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle

"To be seen can be a source of affinity, power, and self-actualization. But as the show’s title suggests, visibility can also reduce racialized identities to stereotypes and singular notions of selfhood. The works on view ask us to consider the politics of who is represented, how, and by whom."


Jeremy Dennis: Portraying Indigenous Memory and Resistance

Jeremy Dennis: Art, Cross-Coalitional Activism, Ma's House and the Shinnecock Nation

November 16, 2023

By Pamela Flores Hidalgo

"The inclination to make the forgotten history of his tribe visible is also reflected in the images Dennis presented in his talk, as we see different stories about the construction of the tribe’s identity, as well as the omission of their culture and the violence that has been inflicted upon it. Photographs that also remind us that these Indigenous people and cultures are not invisible, that they are here, have always been here, and will continue to be here."


Ana Teresa Fernández: Were You Invited?

Ana Teresa Fernández: Were You Invited?

November 2, 2023

By Chloe King

"I feel it is important for these clumsy cultural exchanges to be made; they open us up to new things and widen our view of the world and all it holds."


Friendships Unfold in Between Friends at PLAySPACE

Between Friends Part 3

November 3–23, 2023

By Paulina Félix Cunillé

"Between Friends was an embrace of friendship; an intimate and poignant series of events that, little by little, unfolded a connection full of softness, uncanniness, and renewal."


Graduate Fine Arts Lecture Series: rafa esparza on method, material, and the meaning of community

Visiting Artist Lecture Series: rafa esparza

November 15, 2023

By Vanessa Perez Winder

"In all of his creative experimentation, esparza strongly embraces a fearless decolonial politic; he is not afraid to mix 'fine art' with organizing or mutual aid work, he prioritizes accessibility, and he speaks up for himself and others about the visceral violence of empire."


As Line, As Language, As Thread: Ana Jotta at the Wattis

Ana Jotta: Never the Less

September 7–November 11, 2023

By Evelynn Harra

"Through her art, Jotta defies classification and identification, and makes her own world through the action of drawing."


Between Friends Part II: Performance Review of OKRa/repair for the Un-dead/ by Zedekiah Gonsalves-Schild and Jeunée Simon

Opening Reception for Between Friends Part 2

October 6, 2023

By Paulina Félix Cunillé

"I wondered whether in a friendship, one side works harder than the other to keep the connection flowing. It does feel like that sometimes. And in healing, perhaps it is advisable to detach ourselves from our trauma and let our friends show us the way."


Use What Comes Next to Make Things Now: A Response to the Welcome Dear Futurists Discussion Panel

Welcome Dear Futurists: Lonny Avi Brooks, Nick Foster, and Radha Mistry moderated by Helen Maria Nugent

October 3, 2023

By Jose Rolando Rojas

"As designers, we are often called to create the future of something—but heeding that call was what these futurists explored that night in their discussions."


Voices in Moving Image Series: Rajee Samarasinghe

Voices in Moving Image: Rajee Samarasinghe

September 27, 2023

By Chloe Vuillermoz

"At times I was overwhelmed and at other times I was deeply at peace. Samarasinghe has mastered the ability to direct an audience's emotional landscape and inner dialogue. Throughout this film I was thinking about the places in which he filmed, places that made him, but also about the places that made me."


Intimate Encounters at Between Friends Part I: An Interview with Curator Samantha Hiura

Between Friends, Part 1

September 15–28, 2023

By Paulina Félix Cunillé

"I wanted the show to be conversational and personal…I wanted the show to feel like a personal letter from me." —Samantha Hiura


CCA 2023 Faculty Exhibition — stories of us

August 30–October 20, 2023

By Renata Blanco Gorbea

"I think that it is crucial as students to be able to learn from our faculty even outside of the classroom. All of the artists’ pieces remind us that we all have a voice, and we can use it to highlight the things we value and create a better world with our craft. Appreciating so many different stories from our own professors opens a door for communication, engagement, and solidarity."


RRR Contributors

Paulina Félix Cunillé is an in-process writer and researcher connecting her experiences of self-love and an interest for community-bonding with a focus on music, film and performance. Félix Cunillé engages with the work of femme, women and queer artists which explore notions of justice, climate change, language, and community. In the last year, she has written a couple of reviews for Rewind Review Respond (San Francisco) and OndaMx (Mexico). Félix Cunillé is currently the Research Fellow of The Wattis Institute, San Francisco. She is a candidate for the MA in Visual and Critical Studies at California College of the Arts, class 2024.

Renata Blanco Gorbea is a writer and third year undergraduate student in the History of Art and Visual Culture program. She is interested in pursuing a career in arts journalism, specifically focusing on fashion design and textile art.

Evelynn Harra is a Visual and Critical Studies Master's degree student at California College of the Arts. Evelynn has an interest in the visual culture of perception. Her research values the multiplicity of personal experience to deeper understand the visual art within our culture.

Pamela Flores Hidalgo (Valparaíso, Chile) is a first year dual degree student in the MFA Writing and MA in Visual and Critical Studies programs. In her home country, she studied Spanish Education and Communication, specializing in Chilean and Latin American Literature. Her thesis focused on postdictatorship Chilean performance art and the use of the body as the main axis of expression.

Chloe King (b. 1999, lives and works in Oakland) is a multidisciplinary artist, who works in between painting and photography. King received her B.F.A in 2021 from Cornish College of the Arts and is currently a Dual Degree MFA + MA Candidate at California College of the Arts.

Ramyatara Mullapudi is a graphic designer based in San Francisco who works on branding, visual identities, editorial design, and UI design.

Vanessa Perez Winder (b. Lima, Peru 1996) is a first year student in the Visual and Critical Studies Master’s program and RRR’s Assistant Editor. They believe in working toward liberatory and experimental forms of art historical research and curatorial action.

Jose Rolando Rojas is pursuing an MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts.

Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle is a writer and curator currently pursuing her MA in Visual and Critical Studies.

Chloe Vuillermoz (they/them) is a writer and musician currently pursuing their BA in Writing and Literature at CCA. They focus primarily on creative nonfiction and songwriting.