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General, Access, & Commonly Requested Information

Last updated on Jan 24, 2022

Dos Donts

Do's & Dont's at CCA:

Photo ID Requirement

All students must wear a current CCA photo identification card at all times when on campus. A current CCA photo ID card is required to enter the San Francisco and Oakland. All student ID issues are handled Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Public Safety Offices on either campus. Photos can be uploaded into One Card Management management by clicking on this link.

Important: The first photo ID card is free to new students; a replacement card costs $10. Replacement Ids can be paid by credit card at the link below. Chains and lanyards for photo ID cards can be obtained at both Public Safety Offices.

Credit Card Payment for Replacement ID's

Electronic Access

Your CCA ID also works as an electronic key to enter buildings, gates, etc... All access request should be made to Access is granted when a request is made by a Dean, Program Manager, Faculty, Hiring Manager, or Director. For group access, please submit a list on google sheet or other list type platform to Individual requests as processed as needed. For any questions regarding access, please email


California State Law prohibits smoking within 25 feet (ft) of main entrances, exits, operable windows, or ventilation system intakes. Smoking at CCA is only allowed at the designated smoking areas for both the San Francisco campus and Oakland campus, no exceptions! While smoking is lawful on city sidewalks, be courteous to those who are coming to and leaving from either campus by smoking away from the main entrance.

The designated smoking area on the SF campus is 25 feet from the exit doors of the Admissions Office (approximately 50 ft East from the corner of 8th St & Hooper). There is a sign on the wall designating this area for smoking and ash/butt receptacle on the easement. The designated smoking area on the Oakland campus is the smoke shack located to the right of the main entrance (Between Macky Lawn and Faculty Parking lot).

Bicycle Use

Bicycling on campus property, walkways, driveways, paths, etc... is prohibited. Please walk your bicycle, skateboard or scooter to avoid injuring yourself or others in the CCA community. Racks for parking and locking bicycles are located in several convenient locations around the Oakland campus. Bicycles may not be parked inside buildings on the Oakland campus because they could present a hazard in an emergency. Bicycles locked to handicapped access ramps or stairs on either campus may be damaged and will be removed. Such conduct by non-CCA-affiliated persons is a form of trespassing and by CCA-affiliated persons is subject to disciplinary action. Bicycles are to be removed, by the owner, at the end of every semester. Bicycles left behind shall be considered abandoned and will be donated to charity. Notices will be placed on the bicycles prior to bicycles being removed by Public Safety for donation.

Bicycles at SF Campus: All Bikes will be parked either in the Founders Bike Room or Hooper Courtyard. Indoor parking at SF Main will no longer be available.

Outdoor bike racks are available in the courtyard adjacent to the 184 Hooper Public Safety Desk. Please visit the desk to request gate access.

Indoor bike parking is available to students, staff, and faculty. To register, click on the link below. Once you've completed the registration, visit the public safety desk during business hours at 184 Hooper Street to confirm your access. Founders Bike Room Access Form

For more information, visit: CCA Transportation/Biking Portal Page

Skateboards & In-Line Skates

Similar to Bicycles, skateboarding and inline skating are not permitted on the grounds of the Oakland campus or in or around the San Francisco campus.


With the exception of service animals, dogs and other animals are not permitted on either campus at any time. Bringing a non-service animal onto campus by non-CCA-affiliated persons is a form of trespassing and by CCA-affiliated persons is subject to disciplinary action.