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Biking is one of the most sustainable forms of commuting that promotes cleaner air, and has great health benefits! CCA has a strong bicycle culture with ample indoor and outdoor bicycle for any community member that registers their bike (see below). CCA is also a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and offers free urban bicycle workshops annually to the CCA Community.

Bay Wheels Bike Share (powered by Lyft)

Bike Share stations create healthy, sustainable spaces around schools, and bicycling helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, relieve crowded buses and trains, and improve individual health. There are bike share stations within direct proximity to CCA campus

CCA Annual Membership Discount: $150 (normally $169) = $12.50 per month

  • Reduced ebike per-minute fees. We’re lowering the fee to $0.15/min for monthly and annual members, so you can save on every trip. Ebike per-minute fees for single rides and Bikeshare for All will not change.
  • Save on monthly memberships. Bay Wheels monthly members can begin counting their consecutive monthly renewals toward an annual membership.  When you renew your monthly membership for five months in a row, your sixth month will be just $5 and you’ll be automatically transitioned to an annual plan at no additional cost. Once your annual membership is up, you’ll go back to a monthly plan.
  1. Go to and login or sign up with your phone number
  2. Choose Annual Membership
  3. Enter or choose payment option and select student or corporate discount
  4. Enter program code CCABIKES into popup
  5. Finish checkout

You can use your Clipper Card as an access key by linking your card to a membership within your profile.

Use the Station Map to locate a station closest to you, and check availability.

Bike /Scooter Parking on Campus

184 Hooper Street Bike & Scooter Parking Facility

Available to all Founders Hall Residents + all non-residential students, staff and faculty

CCA cannot and will not assume any liability for damage to personal property resulting from fire, flood, theft, vandalism, or other causes.  For this reason, staff, faculty, students, and any other authorized occupant(s) are recommended to obtain coverage under an appropriate property insurance policy.

Indoor and outdoor bike (as well as scooter's) parking is located at 184 Hooper Street (between the Hooper public safety desk and Founders Hall gates). You must register you bicycle or scooter first.

Register for access then visit the Hooper Street public safety desk to confirm your access has been granted. Please note Staff and faculty, are issued a bike permit by the office of Public Safety.

Returning students will have to re-register for the use of the bike room every Fall semester as the list and the bike room is purged every summer. Students attending during the Summer or working at CCA during the Summer may retain their access privileges by notifying

Residents of Blattner Hall

Register to access secure indoor bike parking facility within the building. Contact the building manager with any questions or issues with access.

Bikes and Scooters are not allowed in any indoor academic or administrative facility at CCA other than the intentional bike rooms listed above.

Bike Safety

Please use appropriate locking systems when using both indoor and outdoor bike racks. Please refer to Safe Bike Registry to globally register your bike. Bicycle or scooter riding and skateboarding within the campus is prohibited. Please walk your bicycle to the designated storage and parking area. Other devices such as scooters and/or skateboards need to be folded and or carried to avoid injury to yourself or others in the CCA Community.

Free Urban Bicycling Workshops - Bike Safer!

The SF Bicycle Coalition is proud to offer free Urban Bicycling Workshops to all of the CCA Community. Whether you’ve never been on a bike before or you just want to brush up with some tips for riding in the city, they've got a class to get you rolling! They will visit the SF campus annually to host an urban bicycling workshop, but you may also register for classes offsite free of charge. View the workshop schedule and/or sign-up for class updates.

Bikes on Public Transit

Check out Bike Hub, available at BART and Caltrain stations; a safe and convenient way to park your bike while you commute. There are currently seven locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Each station offers slightly different services, including valet parking, controlled-access parking, bike rentals, bike repairs, and more.

Bikes are allowed on nearly all public transit. Below is a list of rules and regulations for brining your bike on major forms of public transportation:

Bay Bridge Bike Shuttle

The Bay Bridge Bike Shuttle (operated by Caltrans) runs during peak commute periods.

Expense per trip: $1.00


Home Street Home (Winner of CCA 2010 R.A.W. Student Video Contest)

CCA Graduate Design major Jesse Geller won first place in CCA's 2010 R.A.W. Video contest, in which he was challenged to document "CCA's Bike Culture" in a two-minute video.