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Welcome to the Public Safety Portal Page!

Last updated on Apr 04, 2024

Our Commitment:

The California College of the Arts Public Safety Department will work in concert with our diverse campus community to provide customer service and assistance with protection our community and property. We will support the educational rights of our constituents with dedication. We will adhere to our Core Values and always strive to be an innovative Public Safety Department.

The unique setting of CCA is alluring and ever changing. Although achieving higher education is the goal, sometimes invasive disorder can diminish and devalue the learning environment. The CCA Public Safety Department will strive to protect our students, faculty, and staff from those who would cause detriment. We will achieve our goals by developing genuine partnerships within our collegiate community.

Core Values


We will motivate, inspire, reward, and empower others by our positive actions.


We are committed to fostering equity in an educational environment of respect, diversity, support and dignity for all of our campus community members.


We respect the abilities of all students, faculty and staff by creating a safe environment, which in turn provides opportunities for community members to develop a strong sense of care, respect and belonging.


We believe in developing strong partnerships with our campus community that will support and safely ensure the educational goals of our students, faculty and staff.

Duties & Scope of Authority:

CCA's Public Safety Department oversees safety and security issues at both the San Francisco and Oakland campuses as well as the residence halls. California College of the Arts is a registered Private Security Employer (lic. # PSE 689) and employs its own Proprietary Private Security Officers (PPSO) as defined by the State of California (Business and Professions Code Section 7574.01(f)). Public Safety Officers at CCA are licensed under the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security Services (BSIS). In addition, to augment the proprietary staff during peak periods and special events, the College contracts with a licensed contract security vendor (Private Patrol Operator).

The college's proprietary and contract officers are easily discernible based on their uniforms. As licensed security professionals, CCA Public Safety Officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have lawful business on any campus facility.

Public Safety Officers are not law enforcement officers and have powers to arrest that are equivalent to any private citizen. CCA Department of Public Safety cultivates and maintains a strong working relationship with the Oakland and San Francisco Police departments. All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to immediately report the crime to the Department of Public Safety and the appropriate police agency.

Our duties and Services are limited to the following:

  • Observing and Reporting Criminal Activity
  • Protecting People and Property for CCA
  • Providing Security Related Customer Service
  • Providing Escorts
  • Securing Campus property/buildings
  • Maintaining Lost and Found
  • Coordinating with local Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS