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CCA Pass–Making the city our campus

Activation via MuniMobile App with CCA email

For those without access to a smartphone, contact for assistance.

MuniMobile Activation

  • Download MuniMobile from the App Store or Google Play
  • Launch the app, and you’ll see a prompt to create your account using your CCA email address
  • Once you’ve logged in, go to the “My Tickets” pages on your app and refresh the page to see your CCA Pass

How to use your CCA Pass

  • Open the MuniMobile app
  • On the “My Tickets” page you will see your CCA Pass on the list
  • Select "Use Ticket" & “Yes, Activate My Ticket”
  • Your ticket will remain valid until the date and time listed. Simply show your active ticket to a fare inspector if requested. For underground stations, follow the posted signs directing users of MuniMobile to enter through the access gate directly next to the attendant station.

NOTE: After you have created your account, it may take up to 2 hours for your ticket to be delivered.

For further questions regarding the CCA Pass, contact

Transit Mobile Apps

The easiest and most convenient way to navigate the city is with a transit app like Transit or even Google Maps. Download Transit from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Open the Transit app
  • Enter your destination or view the transit routes closest to you
  • Select your desired route
  • You will be prompted with directions and arrival times for the transit vehicles at each stop.

NOTE: In the settings (top left on the home page) you can set 'My Transit Modes' to only direct you to Muni rides, which are completed covered by your CCA Pass.

Fall 2023 Muni passes will be available beginning Saturday, August 19th, 2023

San Francisco is a cultural art and design playground. Accessible transportation is the key to accessing the unmatched and immersive opportunities to explore San Francisco’s world class museums, galleries, and cultural happenings. CCA will be launching the CCA Pass to provide students with unlimited access to SFMTA (Muni) bus, streetcar, and Muni Metro (excluding cable car) rides around the city using the MuniMobileApp with your CCA email.

Why Use Public Transportation?

  • To commute to and from campus (especially for students living off campus)
  • To reduce your carbon footprint compared to driving or ridesharing services
  • SFMTA provides accessible modes of transportation
  • To visit museums, galleries, and to attend cultural events
  • To commute to and from jobs, internships & volunteer opportunities
  • To explore and socialize in other neighborhoods
  • To attend medical/wellness appointments
  • And more!

Effective Dates: Available Fall 8/19/2023 - 12/31/2023 & Spring 1/1/2024 - 5/6/2024 semesters only

Transportation fee: $155 per semester (Required)

The transportation fee gives students access to one Muni Pass each fall and spring semester. If you own an eligible Mobile Device, you can use the MuniMobile app for your transportation needs around the city.

  • All degree seeking undergraduate and graduate students (including full time and part time)
  • Students majoring in Design MBA or MFA Comics are exempt from the fee.There are no other exemptions.
  • Includes access to Mission Bay Shuttle service (to/from campus to BART).
  • Fee is mandatory, see Tuition & Fees Schedule for more information.