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ANTHEA BLACK: The Embodied Press: Queer Abstraction and the Artists' Book (Curator's Tour)

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nov 09

Thu, Nov 9 2023, 4PM - 6PM

KALA Art Institute | 2990 San Pablo, Berkeley, California, 94702 View map

Part of event series: Fine Arts Divisional Lecture Series Fall 2023

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Co-presented by the CCA Printmedia Program and KALA Art Institute

Event description

Join Anthea Black at KALA Art Institute for a Curator's Tour of artist’s books and publications by queer and transgender artists in the exhibition "The Embodied Press".

Anthea Black will be presenting new research on artist’s books and publications focussing on queer and transgender artists in the exhibition "The Embodied Press".

Together we will look at artist’s books, zines and graphic novels that feature experiments with letterpress, screenprinting, and risograph as aspects of craft practice. Books are often read for their content: overlapping several successive decades of LGBTQ+ and queer-feminist political action. And yet, pleasure and care is found in each artist’s skillful orchestration of material and technical elements to engage a range of the senses. So what happens when a book object (or a body) “frustrates legibility” or becomes difficult to read? It must be felt. Held in our hands. Absorbed. In particular, Black will present works that revel in the potentially defiant possibilities of abstraction and the handmade - conveying experience that is deeply felt, but difficult to publicly express through language or imagery alone.  

The talk will be followed by a Q+A and a short dialogue and cocktails.


Anthea Black is a Canadian artist based in Toronto and the Bay Area. Black is curator of several exhibitions including SUPER STRING (2006), No Place: Queer Geographies on Screen, (2012-14), and PLEASURE CRAFT (2014). The Embodied Press features artists' books by transgender and queer artists from the 1950s to today, with an accompanying publication by Women's Studio Workshop (2024). She is an Associate Professor of Printmedia and Graduate Fine Arts at California College of the Arts, San Francisco.

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Free and open to the public