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Portal Events Style Guidelines

Last updated on Sep 10, 2020

Style guidelines are provided by Marketing + Communications. Contact with questions.


Enter the name of the event. Use sentence case without terminal punctuation, and only capitalize proper nouns. (Sentence case is when you only capitalize the first letter of the first word. A proper noun should still be capitalized where it appears in the sentence.)


Graduate Comics reading

Don Draper: The Essentials opening reception

Lecture series in the Digital Craft Lab

Preview Day at CCA

When writing your title, make sure it can stand alone and still make sense. Your users need to understand what the event is even if only the title is displayed.


Do not put the time and date of the event in the event description. The event listing has separate entry fields for this information.


San Francisco, Oakland, or other in-person location

Enter the address for the location of the event. If the event occurs in a specific room, building, or location, enter this detail in the room field. Use sentence case, don’t use terminal punctuation, and only capitalize proper nouns.

Room field examples:

  • Timken Hall
  • Hubbell Street Galleries
  • Board room, second floor


If this is an online event, select Virtual as the location and leave the location fields empty. Enter the name of the platform the event will be hosted on (Zoom, Twitch, Handshake, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). If adding a Zoom link, make sure to secure your Zoom meeting.

Online platform and external link text examples:

  • Online platform: Virtual event on Handshake | External link text: Register for this event
  • Online platform: Zoom forum | External link text: Join the discussion
  • Online platform: Streamed on Twitch | External link text: View the performance
  • Online platform: Zoom | External link text: Join the event


If the event will be a combination of online and in-person activities, select Hybrid. Enter the address for the location of the event and the name of the platform the event will be hosted on (Zoom, Twitch, Handshake, Instagram, YouTube, etc.). If adding a Zoom link, make sure to secure your Zoom meetings.

Online platform and external link text examples:

  • Online platform: In person, via Zoom | External link text: RSVP for this event
  • Online platform: In person, via YouTube | External link text: Take the tour


Entry details: Enter the cost of entry to the event (Ticket/Registration Cost). If free, please indicate with Free and open to the public. If this event is for CCA staff, faculty, or students only, enter Not open to the public.

Contact email:
Enter the event organizer’s email address.

Image guidelines

Do not include images that may be offensive, inappropriate, or in violation of copyright laws or college policies. Images should be appropriate for the event being posted.

Screenshot of Wagtail CMS image upload screen

How to title an image

Title: EVENT NAME_IMAGE TYPE (Events)_YEAR_IMPORTER’S INITIALS (tag your image so if anyone has questions, they know who to ask)


  • Comics in the City_2019_Events_NP
  • Spring Gala 2018_2018_Events_JM
  • Visiting artist series_2019_Events_DD

Please use a JPG file. Only use a PNG file when it is a map, poster, or other digital design that becomes “noisy” when imported as a JPG.


  • Individuals’ names: artist, students, faculty, staff
  • Event name: Chimerapalooza, Commencement Exhibition, Ribbon Cutting, Award Ceremony, etc.
  • Event type: lecture, exhibition, activation, performance, etc.

Alt: Alt text should always be included for several reasons. It helps screenreaders experience the content in the image, improves SEO scanning results, and provides an alternative for clarity in cases where the image doesn’t load (the user will be able to read what they’re supposed to be seeing as an image). Alt text should NEVER just be the original file name (e.g., 09834.jpg or oak-campus-opt.jpg).

Always credit the photographer who took the image or the organization/individual who provided the image. For artwork, provide full artwork credit information as requested by the image provider.


  • Photo by Nicholas Lea Bruno/CCA.
  • Photo courtesy of Remake.
  • Photo courtesy of the artist.

Always credit artworks in the BODY of the event description

The basic style is: “Artist’s Name, Title of Work, Year. Medium, Dimensions. © If Needed. Copyright. Photo by or courtesy of Credit.” Always use numerals for dimensions, even if less than 10. Inches is spelled out; we don’t include centimeter dimensions. Use a lowercase x with spaces between for suspended dimensions. Spell out the word “minutes” or “hours” or “seconds.” Don’t list dimensions for films or videos unless the projection/display is always of a particular size.


  • Jennine Scarboro, Doll-parts: Arm, 2008. Acrylic on paper, 11 x 14 inches. Courtesy of the artist.
  • Lea Zaglin, Untitled, from the series Time is Making Fools of Us Again, 2015. Inkjet print, 35 x 23 1/3 inches. Photo by Lea Zaglin.
  • Gabe Laughlin, Plate with tree, 2014. Terracotta, 2 x 10 x 10 1/8 inches. Photo by Maggie Beasley/CCA.
  • John Akomfrah, Vertigo Sea, 2015 (detail). © Smoking Dogs Films. Courtesy of the Lisson Gallery, Seattle.


Organized by

Enter the department or organization hosting the event.


Event description: Descriptions are in sentence case with terminal punctuation.

Most readers skim the first few sentences. Place the most important information near the top, and indicate early-on if RSVP is required. If event links will be shared by email with registered attendees, place the registration link to the Eventbrite or another event registration tool page in the External Link URL field and add RSVP for this event as the External Link Text.

Indicate in the description that event links will be shared by email after an attendee registers.


  • Do keep sentences and paragraphs short and easy to scan.
  • Do double check your spelling.
  • Do provide links to relevant content, linking words that accurately describe the linked page instead of pasting a raw URL.
  • Do spell out acronyms that may be unfamiliar to most audiences.


Finally, remember all events listed on the CCA Events Calendar must be associated with the college. Have fun!