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Wagtail Guide: Events

Last updated on Feb 02, 2021

Exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and other CCA events are testament to the vibrant intellectual and artistic community fostered by the school.

The Portal Events Platform lets you present CCA events on the Portal Events Calendar, itself a showcase and informational hub connecting internal and external audiences to CCA events that may interest them.

Read through this guide to learn how the Events Platform works and what features are available to best support your event's (or events') specific needs.

Make sure to follow the style guidelines provided by CCA Marketing & Communications so your events look professional and on-brand.

Using Eventbrite for your events

If you plan to host your events on Eventbrite, reach out to Marketing + Communications for access.

Getting Started

Events Platform Access + Login

Events are created and managed in a different place than other Portal content, and you'll need to be granted access. Find out how so you can get started!

Create + Manage Event Pages

Learn how you can create, save, publish, unpublish, and delete pages on the Events Platform.

Event Page Elements

Event Title, Date, Time, + Location

Events don't mean much if you don't specify date, time, and location information. Nor can they be easily distinguished without a good title. Get a feel for how to manage this info on the Event page template.

Event Details + Media

Make your Event pages truly stand out by providing a detailed description and an eye-catching image. You can also specify the organizing group or department, provide a contact email, and give special instructions for entry.

Event Searchability Fields

All of the information you enter about your event makes it more searchable, but it's good to know more about how those data fields make your Event easier to find for your intended audience.

Event Series

Event Series Template

Sometimes you have a bunch of related, recurring, or formally associated events that you want to be viewable together. The Event Series page can be used to house and display a group of Event pages, providing another great way to connect interested people to your events.

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