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Last updated on Oct 27, 2023

Humanities + Sciences: Critical Ethnic Studies

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Horse Tuuxi (HOR-shay TOO-hee)

The Chochenyo are the indigenous Ohlone people of Oakland. "Horse Tuuxi" means good day in the Chochenyo language. The Ramaytush are the indigenous people of San Francisco. "Hershe Tuhe" (HER-Sha TOO-hee) means good day in the Ramaytush language.

We want to acknowledge that we gather as California College of the Arts on the traditional lands of the Ohlones peoples past, present, and future. This includes the Muwekma, Esselen and the Amah-Mutsun. We honor with gratitude the land itself and the peoples who have stewarded it through the generations and will continue to. We want to acknowledge the land where we sit was stolen from indigenous communities by colonial structures who committed genocide upon the people and the land. This calls us to commit to continuing to learn how to be better stewards of the land we inhabit as well.

Cherish Black Lives.jpg

Critical Ethnic Studies Stands in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The Critical Ethnic Studies statement on Black Lives Matter took shape as national attention focused on police violence against Black Americans following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. It was written in response to those events and sentiments of spring and summer 2020 by Rickey Vincent with other Critical Ethnic Studies faculty.

Read the full statement here.

Celebrating 50 Years of Critical Ethnic Studies at CCA!


2020 marks the 50th anniversary of CCA’s Critical Ethnic Studies program, which is the only dedicated program of its kind at an arts and design college in the United States. To acknowledge this milestone, we will be looking back at the complex history of this vital program and diversity at the college.

Current and past Critical Ethnic Studies faculty will joined by community members active during those foundational years to tell stories and have critical conversations about our institution’s history. We will also be celebrating the program as it exists today by showcasing student work and its lasting impact.

View anniversary content here.

Getting Out the Vote: The 2020 US Presidential Election Awareness Project

Professor Steve Jones reflects on his Critical Ethnic Studies course Agitprop: Issues and Causes in acknowledgement of the Program's 50th anniversary!

"I’ve been teaching the Agitprop: Issues and Causes class since the fall of 2018. Every semester started off with a fun exercise - a take on the Donald Trump fueled phrase, “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). The phrase, like the man, has been one of great division—it assumes that the current (more open, inclusive, browner) state of America represents one of decline..."

Read more


Click on images below to be redirected to the Critical Ethnic Studies Instagram page @cca_critical_ethnic_studies.


❕Some very important points to consider as many of us observe Juneteenth with a day off this Friday❕

Posted @withregram via

“A mixture of emotions is the best way to describe my reaction regarding the news of Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday.

My first though was, “bout time!” We deserve this. But, at the same time, this is nothing. This doesn’t pay reparations for our people. This does nothing to liberate us from the systemic racism that is a direct result of slavery and white supremacy. All this does is give us a day off to celebrate something we have been celebrating for centuries, and potentially gives white people another excuse to believe that the work is done. The work is not done.

Juneteenth has the potential to be an abused holiday. Businesses will take advantage of the holiday to create a sale and drive profits that just continue to put white wealth at the top. Many will continue to ignore the significance of what this holiday really means. Schools will educate students with the white-washed version of this holiday that will lead kids to believe that this is a kumbaya moment and everyone is living happily ever after. We know this is not the case.

Yes, Juneteenth is a celebration but it is so much more than that. My hope is that you will read these slides and take action toward a truely meaningful observance of this holiday and commit to a lifetime of divesting from whiteness, dismantling white supremacy, and fighting for the liberation of Black Americans and all BIPOC.”

#juneteenth #juneteenthcelebration #juneteenth2021 #freedom #freedomday #jubilee #jubileeday #blackliberation #buyblack #blacklivesmatter


📌 Repost from @therefugeerightsproject.

June 14 - 20 is Refugee Week 2021! Here are some helpful points on how to advocate for refugees and push our government for reform that will support these actions❗️

Posted @withregram @therefugeerightsproject

How to solve the crisis facing refugees.
#refugees #refugeeswelcome #education #educateyourself #statistics #data #migration #immigration #un #socialjustice #blm #blacklivesmatter #feminism #feminist #activism #activist #textpost #aesthetic #vote #votehimout #politics #crisis #covid #corona #2021 #politics #policy #news #mondaymotivation #monday #uk


Ode To Our Ocean - A poem by Amanda Gorman.

Repost from @intersectionalenvironmentalist 🌊

“A portal that connects us all 🕸️🖖🏾🏞️🧚🏾‍♀️🍌 Tap in or scroll for @amandascgorman 's beautiful Ode to our Ocean 🌾💌🐳 Happy World Oceans Day 💖👼🏽🔱”

“The sea sings out to its many saviors: teenagers with fists thrust in the air Scientists converging around their data, A child who stoops to scoop up a piece of trash. The sea sings out for its singular subjects: Turtles that teeter down Coral reefs shining brightly The sea sings out its suffering, screeching sounds its depths bruised by Atrocities in the Atlantic Misery in the Mediterranean, Its tides the preservers of time past. The story of the ocean and the story of humanity Are one and the same, a Great River that Knows no borders and notes no lines, Only ripples. While we might call it the Seven Seas, Today we sing out your true name: The one ocean. For no matter how we try to separate your waters, You are the colossus that connects us. Water makes up 70% of Earth. 70% of the human heart, And 70% of the human being, All of us, bodies of water, For we, too are oceans, Or at least beings bobbing in the same boat. To stand up for our own ocean Is to stand up for our own ship The sea is a restless, strong collective of many pieces. So are we. The ocean can recover. So will we. Let us not divide the tides, But discover all they have to teach us— Green meadows of sea grass that survive pathogens, Blue-bloodied marine snails that can fight off viruses There are more lessons to learn, Still more work to be done. So we lift our faces to the sun May the seas help us see healing and hope, May we sing out the ocean's survival and revival. Being the people of this blue planet is our most Profound privilege and power, For if we be the ocean's saviors then it is surely ours."

“🌂 via @futureearth ☂️ made in collaboration with @atmos @lonelywhale + @ecblackman

#WorldOceansDay #IE #IntersectionalEnvironmentalist #IntersectionalEnvironmentalism


As artists, scholars, designers and thinkers, we stand in solidarity with globally silenced people, including the people of Palestine.

Link in bio to full statement, originally posted via the @cresatucsc website.

#criticalethnicstudies #solidarity #ucsc #cacollegeofarts


Repost from @blackstory1619 🎯

“Happy Birthday Malcolm. Born May 19th, 1925 in Omaha Nebraska. Malcolm X poses during an interview in New York, March 5, 1964.”

#malcolmx #blackhistoryisamericanhistory #diversityequityinclusion #activism #civilrights


📌Repost from @ccastudentlife_ ! Congratulations to our graduating students of 2021 ... you did it!!!🎉🎉🎉


It’s May 5th, which means it’s time for a little reflection...
📌Repost from @antiracismdaily

“Most people in the U.S. don't know what Cinco de Mayo actually represents. Today, learn about the history of the Battle of Puebla and honor its anniversary with respect and solidarity.

👉🏾 Swipe for excerpts
📰 Read the full story and access all sources at”

#antiracism #cincodemayo #culturaldiversity #criticalethnicstudies #cacollegeofarts


✨Repost from @impact in acknowledgement of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!✨

“It's AAPI Heritage Month! ❤️ Support and amplify AAPI activists and organizations this month and every month!”

“Some organizations to support:


✍️ written by @annie_wu_22
🎨 design by @crstnpark
☁️ make an @impact.”


📌REPOST FROM @cca_critical_studies ‼️

“🔎 Check out the Anti-Asian Racism + Violence Resource Page for helpful information about the current crisis (🔗link in bio)‼️”

“✨Special thanks to Maxwell Leung @profmleung who teaches in the Critical Studies and Critical Ethnic Studies programs, for creating this page!”

#stopasianhate #antiviolence #antiracisteducation #cacollegeofarts #criticalstudies #criticalethnicstudies


Repost from @sogoreatelandtrust in acknowledgement of #earthday2021 ‼️

“Every Day is Earth Day on Indigenous Land.

There has been Indigenous caretakers living in reciprocity with land, water, air, and all of our relatives long before Earth Day in started in 1970. All across the globe there continues to be Indigenous led struggles to protect our environment. As we recognize and celebrate return to more sustainable lifeways, make sure your environmental movement work includes the input and leadership of your local Indigenous communities.”

#indigenousland #protecttheplanet #defendthesacred #earthday #errday #sogoreatelandtrust #rematriatetheland


📌REPOST from @ccaexhibitions

“Thursday, April 22, 11am–12:30pm via Zoom: CCA@CCA Virtual Brunch: A Conversation Exploring Food and Self-Nourishment with Salimatu Amabebe of @black.feast (link in bio).⁠”

“In this event, we will explore rituals around food and self-nourishment, and the intersections between our art practices and personal ceremonies.”

“ Portrait of Salimatu Amabebe by Jessa Carter.⁠”

#creativecitizensinaction⁠ ⁠


✨With the deadline for Fall semester open registration fast approaching (MIDNIGHT TONIGHT Friday April 16) why not consider enrolling in one of our program’s fantastic offerings⁉️

Images 📸;

  1. ETHST 3000 - 7 - Painting in Communities w/ Bryan Keith Thomas.

*Fall 2020 class visiting SF Chinatown, courtesy of Bryan Keith Thomas.

  1. ETHSM 3000 - 9 - Spirituality as Resistance w/ a Vreni Michelini-Castillo.

*Mandarin filled with Plastic, Sherry Xiang, 2020.

*Infinite Mortality, Erin Winrato, 2020.

  1. ETHST 3000 - 8 - Agitprop : Issues and Causes w/ Steve Jones.

* Agitprop Final, Carl Mongan.


⁉️Having trouble finalizing your fall schedule?? Check out our program’s seminar and studio offerings to meet those requirements and broaden your mind... We promise you won’t be disappointed🧠✨!

Images; 📸

  1. ETHSM 3000 - 10 - Contemporary Black Women Artists Breaking the Modes w/ Karen Seneferu.
    (Karen Seneferu, Self Portrait.)
  2. ETHST 3000 - 8 - Agitprop: Issues and Causes w/ Steve Jones.
    (Activist Cookbook : 15 Revolutionary Recipes by Steve Jones and the Agitprop : Issues and Causes class of Fall 2020.)
  3. ETHST 2000 - 4 - Mural Art w/ Amana Harris and Jack Leamy.
    (Mural Projection image courtesy of Amana Harris).
  4. ETHSM 3000 - 8 - Black Panther Party & Pop Cult w/ Rick Vincent.
    (Photo credit: Keith Dennison, photographer. Collection of the Oakland Museum of California).
  5. ETHST 3000 - 9 - Taste of Resistance w/ Sita Bhaumik.
    (Sita Bhaumik and Jocelyn Jackson make chocolate versions of arts and crafts that Japanese Americans made while they were held in internment camps after executive order 9066 was signed, Oakland, Feb 3 2018. Courtesy of Manjula Varghese, The Chronicle).


⏰ 7 - 8 PM via Zoom.

Pallavi Sharma, Adjunct Professor, Critical Ethnic Studies Program.

“Ellen Bepp has been exhibiting her work since the 1980s, drawing from her Japanese heritage to create a wide range of art from wearable art, textile paintings, taiko drumming performance, theatrical costuming, mixed media collage and handcut paper. She remembers being exposed to Japanese art at an early age, inspired by her immigrant grandparents. Her subsequent interest in the folk art traditions of Asia and Latin America led to her textile arts research in indigenous communities of Guatemala, Peru and Mexico as well as humanitarian and cultural exchange projects in Nicaragua, Cuba and Mexico. Such activities have informed much of her art which addresses issues of displacement, political identity and social injustice including the WWII American concentration camps and the genocide of Indigenous peoples.

Her work has been shown at the Oakland Museum of CA, the Berkeley Art Center, the Euphrat Museum of Art, Meridian Gallery, Mission Cultural Center, Jamaica Art Center of New York, SOMArts Cultural Center, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, Root Division Gallery and others.”

“This event is part of the Creative Citizens in Action initiative at CCA (CCA@CCA), and is funded by an endowment gift to support The Deborah and Kenneth Novack Creative Citizens Series, an annual series of public programs focused on creative activism.”

🎟 Free and open to the public! Zoom link via our Portal events calendar page.

Image 📸

Image credit: Ellen Bepp, The Louder Side of Silence (detail). Mixed media.


📌 Repost @cca_arch_div ! COMING UP TOMORROW - TUESDAY APRIL 13 at noon.

“Please join us tomorrow, April 13th, at 12:00 PM (PDT) for the inaugural Sandra Vivanco Memorial Lecture, in which Mabel Wilson (@studio_and ) will deliver a talk titled, "Practice as Pedagogy: Sandra Vivanco and the Work of A+D." Mabel Wilson is the Nancy and George Rupp Professor of Architecture, a Professor in African American and African Diasporic Studies, and the Director of the Institute for Research in African American Studies (IRAAS) at Columbia University. At GSAPP she co-directs the Global Africa Lab. Register to attend at the link in bio.”

#ccarts #californiacollegeofthearts #ccaarchitecture #architecture #interiordesign #studio #sanfrancisco #artschool #imadethat #architectureschool #ccainteriordesign #architecturestudent #architecturestudentblog #Chimeramade #bayarea #remakingarchitecture #remakingatcca #sandravivanco


Please join us this Friday April 9 to celebrate the life of Sandra Vivanco🌹
12PM - 1:30PM register via our Portal events calendar for Zoom event.

“A gathering to celebrate the life and work of Sandra Vivanco, Professor in Architecture and Critical Ethnic Studies at CCA for more than two decades, who passed away in 2020. As a champion of excellence, equity, and inclusion, Sandra embodied much of what we value about our extended CCA community.”

ORGANIZED BY CCA Architecture Division. Free & open to the public.


Coming up THIS Thursday!⭐️ENRIQUE CHAGOYA⭐️

Apr 8 2021, 12PM - 1PM🗓Zoom details on our Portal events calendar!

“Drawing from his experiences living on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border in the late 70’s, and also in Europe in the late 90’s, Enrique Chagoya juxtaposes secular, popular, and religious symbols in order to address the ongoing cultural clash between the United States, Latin America and the world as well. Chagoya has been exhibiting his work nationally and internationally for over two decades. He is Full Professor at Stanford University’s department of Art and Art History.”

🌹Part of event series: Focus Fine Arts & Presented by the CCA Printmedia program as part of the 26th annual Hamaguchi Scholarship Awards.

🆓 & open to the public!!



Wed, Apr 7 2021, 4PM - 5:30PM. Zoom link on the Portal events calendar✅

TOPIC: “‘A storm of a girl silently gathering force - Peminist Girlhoods in the Comics of Trinidad Escobar and Malaka Gharib’ (forthcoming in Asian American Graphic Novels (2021) Ohio State UP, edited by Eleanor Ty)”

“In Pinay Power: Peminist Critical Theory (2005), I defined peminisms, or Filipina/American feminisms, as the gendered analysis of imperial trauma. (6) Twenty-first century Pinay writers engage with the themes of identity, family, colonial mentality, diasporan identities, sexuality, religion, education, class, and trauma. Their unflinching engagement in the peminist project of decolonization characterizes and unites this body of work.”

“This article situates peminist comics within the rise of both girls’ studies and Filipinx American studies. Drawing upon my previous work on Lynda Barry’s One Hundred Demons, I trace the lineage of contemporary peminist comics, focusing on the themes of decolonization, identity, family, and healing in the comics of Trinidad Escobar and Malaka Gharib. I argue that these new comics constitute an important contribution to the field of girls’ studies which, despite its efforts to center intersectionality and diversity in researching girlhoods, remains dominated by an overfocus on white and Anglo girls in the U.S., United Kingdom and Australia.”

Free and open to the CCA community and alumni🎟!


TODAY IS TRANS DAY OF VISIBILITY✨ Repost from @kimsaira 📌

“Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a day to celebrate transgender and nonbinary people around the world. It is also a day for us cis-folks to stand up in solidarity and take action for trans folks. We are not equal until we are ALL equal.

✨Share, save, & swipe for a few things to do today, especially if you’re not transgender and would like to learn more about allyship.

✨Please remember that although it is Transgender Day of Visibility, fighting for trans equality requires continuous action, especially during a time where Trans folks are being harmed by the current, transphobic, legislation.

✨All of the slides are compiled & created by Schuyler Bailar (@PinkMantaRay). He is an amazing resource for transgender education, please make sure to follow him!”

#transdayofvisibility #transrightsarehumanrights


💭Today, on the last day of March and “Women’s History Month”, we’re sharing a peak at a really cool mixed media project by Ashley Christina Cruz (BFA Animation, 2018).

🖌”This project includes seven interviews of seven women of color, who are artists studying or teaching at CCA in 2018. It also includes an illustrated information card with a quote and a portrait for each of the women, an audio file about the project and a webpage. These were created during the fall semester of 2018 by Ashley Cruz. This project was for Legacy Starts Here: Oakland Campus, taught by Victoria Wagner.”

As always, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind ourselves and each other to uplift the voices of the globally silenced every single day, month and year.✅✅✅ &&& A special thanks to @ccalibraries for their support!

#womenshistorymonth #upliftingwomen #femaleartists #ccalibraries


🗣🎙THIS WEDNESDAY‼️”Art/Culture/Research/Writing: A Visual & Critical (VCS) Program BIPOC Alumni Roundtable”
Wed., 3.31.21, 6-7 PM Pacific.”

“CCA Alumni Dacia Mitchell (MA, Class of 2003), Michele Carlson (MA + MFA, Class of 2007) & David A.M. Goldberg (MA, Class of 2002) are among the first graduates of the program in Visual Criticism (now Visual & Critical Studies). They will discuss their experiences as BIPOC students at CCA and the ways in which their study of visual culture inform the work they do today. The panel also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Program in Ethnic Studies (now Critical Ethnic Studies) at CCA.

🔗Zoom meeting 941 9659 1340, passcode 557714.

📌REPOST from @jackiefrancissf


How many of you are familiar with this name?👀 If you’ve spent any time on our Oakland campus, I’m sure you are!

📚West was “an American artist, designer and educator based in California known for landscape paintings, early Pacific Coast etching and her role in the founding faculty of California College of the Arts.”

📸 Courtesy of @ccalibraries ;

  1. Isabelle Percy West (middle) at Isabelle West Gallery, 1958 (This was the first Gallery named in honor of her, the current gallery in Founder’s was completed 1968).
  2. Isabelle Percy West (right) with the colleges founder Frederick Meyer and his daughter Babs Meyer, late 50s.
  3. Isabelle Percy West in her youth, late 1800s.

    Women have played an integral role in the history and culture of our institution since the very beginning... 🌹Let’s celebrate and uplift them every month of the year!

    #ccalibraries #womenshistorymonth #upliftfemalevoices


Wheelin’ into the weekend like...⚙️⚙️⚙️

🔦Today, we’re directing the spotlight to Viola Frey, renowned contemporary ceramic artist ( CCAC alumna, longtime faculty and Professor.

Five images of Viola Frey at the potter's wheel and one image of students working in the California College of Arts and Crafts ceramics studio on the Oakland campus, 1970.

Women’s history is CCA history! Special thanks to @ccalibraries for their continued support and collaboration🌹

#womenshistorymonth #upliftwomensvoices #californiacollegeofthearts #pottery #ccalibraries


Flo Allen, a gal so rad we’re featuring her again this month!🎆 Shown in these photos at Founder’s Day, 1967.

Flo was a renowned artist model (check out her wiki)! She was later the Model Coordinator and teacher of the Model Certification Workshop at CCAC. There is even a plaque dedicated to her in Carriage House!💃

Women’s history is every month! Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

Special thanks again to @ccalibraries for their continued support and collaboration!✅

#ccalibraries #womenshistorymonth #blackartists #diversityandinclusion


🌞 Summer registration is now open ‼️ Our program is offering a handful of really exciting studio and seminar courses to help you get ahead on your Critical Ethnic Studies requirements (featured in order of appearance); 📣📣

DIVST 2000 - 2 - Mural Project with co-instructors Amana Harris & Jack Leamy

DIVSM 2000-1 - History of North Indian Music and Culture with instructor Matthew Grasso

DIVST 3000 - 3 - Race and Comics with instructor Breena Nunez

DIVSM 3000-2 - How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse with instructor Shylah Pacheco Hamilton

✅ You have until Thursday May 6 to sign up - visit our Portal page for additional information including meeting dates & times for courses!! 🪴


‼️March is Women’s History Month, and we’ll acknowledge the immeasurable role women play at CCA any chance we get (as we uplift the voices of the globally silenced all year long)!

🪴This photo shows students working the garden during WWII while the gardener was off in the war “Garden Clean-up Day, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, April 8, 1943. Left to right: Barbara Hoel, Julia Isackson, Alice Soll, Marion Kent, Phylura Gibbs. to rear: Barbara Calkins(?)

📸Photo by Thomas McDonought, The Tribune.

Special thanks to @ccalibraries, as always!

#womenshistorymonth #ccalibraries #californiacollegeofthearts


💃🌹March seems as good a time as any to shed light on the countless women who make up the history of our institution.

💡Lucy Valentine Pierce , an early @cacollegeofarts student and later faculty, is pictured here modeling a truly “Berkeley bohemian” look, which we love!

Lucy created the mural pictured in slide #2 for a Berkeley school in 1912, depicting the famous Native American leader Hiawatha, which was featured in a college catalog.

Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

Special thanks to CCA libraries for their continued support on showcasing the rich and diverse history of @cacollegeofarts.

#ccalibraries #womenshistory


We grieve once again. A message from our program Chair, Shylah Pacheco Hamilton, in response to the horrific act of racialized and gendered violence that took place yesterday against the Asian community. 🌹

🔗Link for class in bio.


🔜COMING UP Tuesday March 16☑️
🎙Hosted by Critical Ethnic Studies: Celebrating 50 years at CCA + Fine Arts Division + Textiles Program + Visual and Critical Studies+QCC

👓”Diedrick Brackens (b. 1989, Mexia, TX; lives and works in Los Angeles, CA) is best known for his woven tapestries that explore allegory and narrative through the artist’s autobiography, broader themes of African American and queer identity, as well as American history. Brackens employs techniques from West African weaving, quilting from the American South and European tapestry-making to create both abstract and figurative works. Often depicting moments of male tenderness, Brackens culls from African and African American literature, poetry and folklore as source. Beginning his process through the hand-dyeing of cotton, a material he deliberately uses in acknowledgement of its brutal history, Brackens’ oeuvre presents rich, nuanced visions of African American life and identity, while also alluding to the complicated histories of labor and migration. Brackens utilizes both commercial dyes and atypical pigments such as wine, tea and bleach to create his vibrant, intricately-woven tapestries that investigate historical gaps, interlacing the present with his singular magical realist worldview.

One of Brackens’ recent bodies of work considers the Center for Disease Control’s shocking projections of HIV diagnosis rates for black and Latino gay men. While the AIDS epidemic is frequently discussed as a thing of the past, Brackens considers the present moment as the lens through which we examine history–what we have learned, and what, or who, has been overlooked. Brackens’ scenes intentionally lack any sort of moralizing tone, allowing his subjects the freedom of living life on their terms. Jack Shainman Gallery is proud to represent Brackens in collaboration with Various Small Fires, Los Angeles, CA / Seoul, KR.”


Zoom link available via our Portal events calendar (


🗣🗣 TONIGHT‼️ Thursday March 11! In collaboration with @cca_furniture🌀

“Our annual lecture series continues to bring important voices in furniture to the CCA community. This semester we are honored to host guest speaker Jomo Tariku on March 11, 6-7pm.
Jomo’s career reflects his unique creative life: industrial designer by training, data scientist and furniture designer/maker. Born in Kenya, raised in Ethiopia, and living in the US -- Jomo is a truly global designer.  
The event will be co-moderated by CCA faculty Acacia-Woods Chan and Katherine Lam. We invite you to join us for Jomo’s lecture -- and stay for the Q&A to engage in critical discussions regarding aesthetics and creative production.
This event is in partnership with CCA Critical Ethnic Studies: ‘2020 marked the 50th anniversary of CCA’s Critical Ethnic Studies program, the only dedicated program of its kind at an arts and design college in the United States. To acknowledge this milestone, we are reflecting on the history, legacy, culture and future of Critical Ethnic Studies at CCA through a year of dynamic and collaborative programming. Though we are so proud of what has been accomplished, there is still much work to be done.’”
Third image: Design by CCA Faculty Steve Jones.
#diversifydesign #makingisthinking #collectibledesign #criticalcraft #jomotariku

Free and open to the public! Please join us. Zoom link in bio!


🚨This Wednesday! March 10, from 6 - 7:30 p.m.🎇
🌿In collaboration with the Fine Arts Division + the Textiles Program + Upper Division Interdisciplinary Studios, we are proud to host Alberto Mellado Moreno - tribal member of the Comcáac Nation in Sonora, Mexico, at the edge of the desert where the Sierra Comcáac Mountains meet he Gulf of California.
🦋 Artist, fisherman, and most importantly, conservationist of the people, culture, and nature in Comcáac territory.
⌚️Wednesday 6 - 7:30 pm. Free and open to the public! Zoom link available on our Portal events page‼️


📣📣 Repost from @chicksforclimate! Some important reminders for today, this month and always‼️❣️

📸Images 1. & 3. Courtesy of @chicksforclimate
Image 2. via @sheathescholar.

#internationalwomensday #womenshistorymonth #intersectionalfeminism


📌Repost from @ccaexhibitions:

“Coming up on March 9: an artist's talk with Irene Wibawa (link in bio).⁠ ⁠
🗣Irene Wibawa is a multidisciplinary artist in visual and performance art and a plant and insect enthusiast.
She is ethnic Chinese, born in Indonesia, and has lived in the US since 1983. She currently lives in the SF Bay area, on Ohlone land, with her cat Pebbles.⁠ ⁠
📖Catalyst for Change: Asian American Narratives is organized by Pallavi Sharma, Adjunct Professor, Critical Ethnic Studies Program.⁠ ⁠ #creativecitizensinaction @cca_critical_ethnic_studies.”

#artiststalk #diversityinthearts #criticalethnicstudies


Another blast 🚀 from the past!

📸Painting from life in the Martinez Hall painting studio, 1995.

Which studio do you miss spending time in the most?☹️ We can’t wait to be back on campus with you all!

Image courtesy of @ccalibraries 📚🙏

#painting #stilllife #celebrateblackartists #diversityandinclusion #californiacollegeofthearts #criticalethnicstudies


We miss seeing all the in-person looks served by our students on campus!🌹 Here are some winners from a 1970 @cacollegeofarts yearbook, images courtesy of @ccalibraries, to get us through Friday‼️

Images 📸

  1. - 3. CCA Yearbook, 1970.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the CCA archives with us this month, and though February is winding down, our program will continue to uplift the voices of globally silenced people all year long!

    Special thanks to @ccalibraries for all of their support on this project! We could be have done it without them💘

    #1970sfashion #diversityandinclusion #elevateblackart #californiacollegeofthearts


❓Have you felt a lack of motivation due to our current situation... or have you felt more creatively inspired? There’s no right way to process this collective trauma we’re experiencing - we just hope you’re doing what you need to take care of yourself and stay safe! 💌

Images 📸 courtesy of @ccalibraries;

  1. CCAC Faculty James Thomas Lawrence at work, early 1970s.
  2. Drawing by James Lawrence, early 70s.

    We are acknowledging Black History Month and Critical Ethnic Studies 50th year at CCA in collaboration with @ccalibraries through a trip to the @cacollegeofarts archives.

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.


📓A little more archival fun, courtesy of @ccalibraries in acknowledgement of Black History Month and Critical Ethnic Studies’s 50th year at @cacollegeofarts !🎆

Slides 📽

  1. - 6. Courses listed in CCAC Bulletin, March 1970.


✌️What were you up to in the 70’s? This is what students at @cacollegeofarts were getting into!
Images and course descriptions courtesy of @ccalibraries !


  1. Art in Action, 1969 (Art-in-Action, sponsored by Lakeshore Merchants Assoc. 9/6/69; CCAC participants, l-r: Art Nelson, Bill Pickerill, Larry Kennedy, Mrs. Evelyn Johnson, Sylvia Helder, David Helder, Ruth Tamura, Mary White).
  2. Sculptor at work, early 70s.
  3. - 4. Black Studies Institute Courses proposed for Fall Semester, 1970 (descriptions written by the instructors).

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

    #diversityinart #celebrateblackartists #criticalethnicstudies #diversityandinclusion #californiacollegeofthearts #bayareaartist


Repost from @cacollegeofarts 🔎 ❕❕❕

📖 “During #BlackHistoryMonth 2021, we’re critiquing, creating, and growing our radical roots—through words and actions. ⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ And the work doesn't stop on March 1. Visit our website (link in bio) for thoughts on why Black History Month statements matter, from program chairs Jacqueline Francis and Shyla Pacheco Hamilton.”

Visit the link in @cacollegeofarts bio for more!! ⭐️


📣📣COME ALONG ON A WEIRD TRIP TO A PLANET WITHOUT MEN🗣🗣🗣TONIGHT!!! Thursday 2/18 7pm🥳🥳🥳 CCA Illustration and Make it Queer presents Joshua Grannell (better known as PEACHES CHRIST🍑) in conversation and presenting Phil Ford’s 1991 camp classic VEGAS IN SPACE!!🚀🚀

Email for the ZOOM LINK📧!!!


🌲In collaboration with @ccalibraries, we have been sharing images and course descriptions from the archives of @cacollegeofarts to acknowledge strides made and the work that remains to be done!🪵


  1. Twelve images of student Manuel Albert Gomez with his sculpture of wood, three in the painting studios and one on Macky Lawn in front of one of the redwoods, late 1960s.
  2. Ethnic Studies Courses, Fall Semester, 1972 (descriptions written by the instructors).

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

    #blackhistorymonth #blacksculptor #elevateblackartists #diversityandinclusion #californiacollegeofthearts


Repost from @ccaexhibitions 📌 ZOOM EVENT TONIGHT!!!

“Join us on Zoom tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, 7–8pm PT, for our first CCA@CCA event of the semester, Catalyst for Change: Asian American Narratives Rea Lynn de Guzman (link in bio). Organized by Pallavi Sharma, Adjunct Professor, Critical Ethnic Studies Program.⁠

Rea Lynn de Guzman is an interdisciplinary artist working in painting, print media, and sculpture. Born in Manila, Philippines, she immigrated to the United States at age 14. She received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and her BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has exhibited work in the US, and internationally in Australia, India, and the Philippines. She was Kearny Street Workshop’s APAture Visual Arts Featured Artist in 2017. In 2019-2020, she curated Wander Woman and Wander Woman 2, a group show series featuring Bay Area-based, immigrant, women artists of color. She has been featured in the Asian Journal Magazine, Hella Pinay, KQED Arts, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among other publications. She also appeared on a television interview segment with NBC Bay Area's Asian Pacific America with Robert Handa in 2017, and recorded a podcast interview with Making Ways in 2018.⁠

She teaches art at the de Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, City College of San Francisco Extension, San Francisco Center for the Book, and Root Division, where she served as the organization’s first Filipina Teaching Artist Fellow in 2017. She lives and works in San Francisco.⁠”

#diversityandinclusion #amplifyartistsofcolor #deyoungmuseum #bayareaartist #californiacollegeofthearts


CCA in the 60’s... Pretty groovy~!🌈

We’re continuing to look back at the history of our college in collaboration with @ccalibraries, both in acknowledgment of Black History Month and our program’s 50th anniversary at CCA!


  1. CCAC student at work in the library, 1960s.
  2. Lilli Briant, CCAC alumna, at the potter’s wheel, 1967.
  3. - 6. Black Studies Institute Courses proposed for Fall Semester, 1970 (descriptions written by the instructors).

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

    #diversityandinclusion #blackhistorymonth #criticalethnicstudies #diversitystudies #blackartists #californiacollegeofthearts


Let’s throw it back to 1967☮️ with today’s journey to the archives, a monthlong collaboration with @ccalibraries to showcase stellar content from CCA’s past!


  1. Students in the painting studio, 1967
  2. Flo Allen at Founders Day, 1967. (Fun facts! - Flo Allen was a renowned artist model, and later the Model Coordinator and teacher of the Model Certification Workshop at CCAC. There is a plaque dedicated to her in the Carriage House.)
  3. Ethnic Studies Courses, Fall Semester, 1972 (descriptions written by the instructors).

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

    #diversityandinclusion #criticalethnicstudies #blackhistorymonth #blackartists #californiacollegeofthearts


We stand in solidarity with our Asian community, both locally and across the globe✊!

Repost from @pinayism

#diversityequityinclusion #communitysupport #communitylove #bayarea #sanfrancisco #oakland #californiacollegeofthearts #communityhealing


Some inspo for your midweek slump😤 !!!

We’re continuing our collaboration with @ccalibraries, sharing iconic images and course descriptions from the past in acknowledgment of Black History Month and our program’s 50th anniversary at the college!✨

Images 📸

  1. Don “Big Daddy” Kelly, jewelry, 1965.
  2. Ethnic Studies Courses, Fall Semester, 1972 (descriptions written by the instructors).

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

    #blackjewelers #diversityandinclusion #blackhistoryisamericanhistory #artschool #californiacollegeofthearts


Here’s to another week of celebrating Black History Month and @cca_critical_ethnic_studies 50th anniversary at @cacollegeofarts!🥳🥳🥳 We’re continuing to share photos and course descriptions from the libraries, in collaboration with @ccalibraries. Take a peak👀👀👀


  1. Marva Cramer, Graphics, 1965.
  2. - 4. Black Studies Institute Courses proposed for Fall Semester, 1970 (descriptions written by the instructors)

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

    #diversityandinclusion #diversityingraphicdesign #blackhistorymonth #californiacollegeofthearts


Happy Friday!✨Let’s dive back into @cacollegeofarts’s archives with @ccalibraries to acknowledge Black History Month and our program’s 50th anniversary! Take a look👀


  1. Robert Taylor: “Primitive Dance” instructor, 1965.
  2. “Primitive Dance” class, Robert Taylor leading the class, 1965.
  3. Black Studies Institute Courses proposed for Fall Semester, 1970 (descriptions written by the instructors).

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

    #blackhistorymonth #blackperformance #diversitymatters #performanceart #californiacollegeofthearts


📌Repost @cca_furniture

“Jomo Tariku will be our guest speaker for the Spring 2021 Design Lecture Series in March 11 from 6-7pm PST. Mark your calendars! + + Jomo’s practice is informed by both hand and digital approaches to making — and in his words is “defining a new language of modern African-themed furniture.” Learn more about his work @jomofurniture and stay tuned for updates and info here & @ccadesignis

“This is a special event with @cca_critical_ethnic_studies as part of their 50th anniversary celebration.”

#diversityandinclusion #diversityindesign #californiacollegeofthearts #furnituredesign #sanfrancisco #bayarea


This February, we’re thrilled to be collaborating with @ccalibraries to share a collection of photos and course descriptions from the archives, both in acknowledgement of Black History Month and Critical Ethnic Studies 50th Anniversary! We hope you enjoy as much as we have!🎆


  1. Students on balcony “Student Council Impromptu”, 1965.
  2. Ethnic Studies course description, “Crisis in the Classroom (Alternatives for Survival), Sheryle Butler. Fall 1972.

    Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

    #ccahistory #archival #blackhistorymonth #criticalethnicstudies #ccalibraries


1️⃣To kick off the month, Critical Ethnic Studies professor Steve Jones reflects on his course “Agitprop: Issues & Causes” and shares some recent student work. Check it out!

🗣”I’ve been teaching the Agitprop: Issues and Causes class since the fall of 2018. Every semester started off with a fun exercise - a take on the Donald Trump fueled phrase, “Make America Great Again” (MAGA).”

📝To read Steve’s post in it’s entirety, please visit Portal and search “Getting Out the Vote”.


Planet Apocalypse. Louella Evans / Astrid Hernandez / Aaron Weeks.

Racial Income Inequality. Nero Guo / Chaitanya Khurana / Sakshi Shah.

Enough Bullshit. Sony Maharjan / Cameron Terrones.

We Did This, We Can Change It.
Howsen Huang / Scott Underwood.

Critical Ethnic Studies uplifts the voices of globally silenced people all year long.

#inclusionsocial #inclusionrevolution #diversityofthoughts #criticalethnicstudies


We hope everyone had an enriching first week of classes!🌀In the spirit of looking towards the future, we wanted to highlight photos from past semesters in the hopes that we’ll be sharing studio space together again sometime soon.


  1. Critical Ethnic Studies class led by Eduardo Pineda. Preparing for install at @creativitykids at @ybca. This is the final of three murals that Eduardo's classes have worked on--one per semester. Spring 2019.
  2. Critical Ethnic Studies class led by Eduardo Pineda. Preparing for install at the Children's Creativity Museum at YBCA. This is the final of three murals that Eduardo's classes have worked on--one per semester. Spring 2019.
  3. Eduardo Pineda's mural class celebrates the completion of their mural in the stairwell of the Children's Creativity Museum in SF. The Fall 2018 class completed the second of three sections with the theme of "create."🎨 Spring 2019.

    This semester, “Mural Project” is being taught by Amana Harris and Jack Leamy. We’re so excited to see new ways creativity can tackle the endless challenges introduced by COVID-19. Wishing everyone a safe Spring!🦋

    #diversityisstrength #inclusionsocial #criticalethnicstudies #cultureinmotion


🎤Join @mfadesigncca this Thursday (1/28) for a Zoom discussion on building more inclusive, more visionary and more radical forms of urban space! Amplify Cities, a global speculative think tank, will be discussing their re-imagination of cities and policies for a non-dystopian future.

🌀 Free and open to the public! Register via Portal’s event calendar!

@ccadesignfutures #amplifycities #mfadesigncca #designer #urbanplanning


💫Repost from @lgbt_history

🌀Wishing everyone a safe and fruitful start to the Spring semester! We can’t wait to be back in the “classroom” with you all.

📣”Abolish the police • Trans liberation now • House the houseless • Free healthcare • Open the borders • Cancel student debt • Close the prisons • Defund the military • Universal income • No more billionaires • Land back • Confront and destroy white supremacy • All power to all people • And so much more • Our fight has just begun . Picture: ‘OUR FIGHT HAS JUST BEGUN,’ Gay Freedom Day, San Francisco, June 1979. Photo c/o M. Martin.”
#HavePrideInHistory #OurFightHasJustBegun

#lgbtqrights #criticalethnicstudies #diversityandinclusion #californiacollegeofthearts #oakland #sanfrancisco


📣📣 Repost from @impact regarding yesterday’s holiday and our last post! Reminding us all to stay informed and think critically!!

“Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s revolutionary activism as we celebrate his life and legacy today. King’s story has been watered down, and the full truth deserves to be heard. 🪄 written by p.iper 🎨 design by @codyktu & @crstnpark ☁️ make an @impact.”

#martinlutherkingjr #martinlutherkingday #antiwar #anticapitalism #antiracist #rightsideofhistory #criticalthinking #criticalethnicstudies #californiacollegeofthearts #oakland #sanfrancisco #humanitiesandsocialsciences #artschool #criticalthought


💭 On Monday, we honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - A national holiday which recognizes both his life and work fighting for racial equality, justice, and compassion .

Though Dr. King is celebrated for his non-violence, his calls for direct action are less often the center of discussion. Let us not only remember Dr. King for his words, but also for his radicalism that is commonly overlooked and ignored.

Additionally, it is important to acknowledge the hypocrisy of white America... Critiquing current protests for justice and equality as being too intrusive, too loud, too destructive and simultaneously lauding the work of a man who coordinated the Montgomery bus boycott and brought a city to its knees.

As Dr. King stated “a riot is the language of the unheard.” Consider how time has sanitized and reshaped his message, especially as we see our feeds become flooded by quotes curated to fit a very specific agenda - one which glorifies passive resistance as the “right” way to fight for a just cause.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Happy Birthday, Dr. King.

📸 Images:

  1. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being shoved back by Mississippi patrolmen during the 220 mile ‘March Against Fear’ from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi, June 8, 1966.
    Underwood Archives/Getty Images.
  2. Tweet Credit to @kuteasabuttonlocs via @blackwomenplantseeds

    📝 Quotes and images pulled from April Reign’s 2018 article “For Martin Luther King Jr., Nonviolent Protest Never Meant ‘Wait and See.’” (Updated Jan 2021.)

    #martinlutherkingday #calltoaction #civilrights #history #criticalethnicstudies #californiacollegeofthearts #sanfrancisco #oakland


‼️ Repost from @overcomingracism.

🗣“I wish people would stop comparing what is happening at the capitol to BLM. Even to point out the hypocrisy of how black protestors are treated in comparison to white protestors by law enforcement. This is how we get historical false equivalencies like the comparison of Klansmen to Black Panthers.

Disdain for BLM isn’t rooted in passive ignorance it is rooted in active HATE. The disdain for BLM isn’t a sight issue it is a heart issue.

Don’t compare this open display of fascism in the spirit of the furtherance of white supremacy to BLM. There isn’t a shred of equivalence worthy of even the loosest of connections.

Don’t compare righteousness with evil. Compare evil to evil, and perhaps we can finally start to see that this is just what white supremacy is. Law enforcement doesn’t exist to quell white rage, it exists to quell the dissent of the oppressed.

‘Omg what is happening at the capitol?’ The same damn thing that happens EVERY TIME white Americans feel like the grip of white supremacy is loosening.

Compare this to Southern states succeeding from the Union to preserve white American’s right to OWN other human beings, leading to the bloodiest war in U.S history.

Compare this to the states that had two governments during reconstruction because white Americans wouldn’t accept black democratically elected officials.

Compare this to when white Americans beat and brutalized black people at lunch counters. Lynched black people for registering to vote. Bombed buses and churches, murdering children for the purpose or maintaining Jim Crow.

Compare this to white men hunting and killing Ahmaud Arbery because he was jogging.

Compare this to an entire police department being implicated in falsifying information to obtain a warrant to kill Breonna Taylor in her home while she slept.

Act like you see who is trying to force this country to live up to the ideals of the constitution, and who is literally trying to tear it down in the name of preserving a white supremacist wannabe despot. White supremacy and democracy cannot both exist in the same space. Y’all gotta choose a side.”

#overcomingracism #blm #criticalethnicstudies


🪐 Repost from @bosssdog.

“Sometimes everything’s not Ok. But that’s ok! 🖤”

✅ An important reminder after last week’s events... We encourage you to continue to practice self care and safely reach out to others during these trying times!

#bossdog #oktonotbeok #selfcare #communitysupport #criticalethnicstudies #californiacollegeofthearts #sanfrancisco #oakland


👏Claudia Bernardi, award-winning Argentinian artist, social justice and human rights advocate, Founder of the Walls of Hope School of Art and Open Studio in both El Salvador and Colombia and Critical Ethnic Studies professor was featured in @forbes today!🎉

✍️Jackie Abramian’s virtual interview explores Bernardi’s deep sorrow as reflected in both her voice and forensic unearthing artwork.

✔️We encourage you to check out the article titled “Argentinian Artist Claudia Bernardi Visually Unearths Brutalities of Past and Present”.
📍Link in our bio!


Claudia Bernardi creating frescoes on paper. Image courtesy of the artist.

Contemplando la Ruta - Contemplating the Route by Claudia Bernardi. Image courtesy of the artist.

Unearthing mass graves in El Mozote (El Salvador) of some 143 human remains - - 136 were children under 12. Image courtesy of the artist.

La Quinceñerea de Juarez- The 15 year Old Woman of Juarez by Claudia Bernardi. Image courtesy of the artist.

Claudia Bernardi with the children at Walls of Hope School of Art and Open Studio of Perquin, El Salvador. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Life works in Open Mystery by Claudia Bernardi. Image courtesy of the artist.

#argentina #printmaking #sculptedhistory #frescoes #californiacollegeofthearts #sanfrancisco #oakland #criticalethnicstudies #faculty #claudiabernardi #forbes


⚡️Critical Ethnic Studies stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter!

✍️Our statement is live on CCA’s website- to read in it’s entirety, visit and search “From the Black Studies Institue to Critical Ethnic Studies”.


1) Shylah Hamilton with the Students of Color Coalition in 2018. Courtesy of the Students of Color Coalition.

2) CCA faculty participating in the “Decolonial Unconference: An afternoon of conversations and workshops,” which took place in February 2020. Photo by Nicholas Lea Bruno/ CCA.

#blacklivesmatter #solidarity #criticalethnicstudies #californiacollegeofthearts #sanfrancisco #oakland


📻In collaboration with @ccartsalumni for their Homecoming at Home series and in recognition of the 50th anniversary of CCA’s Critical Ethnic Studies program, we present a podcast featuring current Critical Ethnic Studies Chair, Shylah Pacheco Hamilton (BFA Individualized Studies 2009), joined by former chairs Melinda de Jesús, Sonia BasSheva Manjon, and Opal Palmer Adisa.

🗣Hear the group in conversation, sharing their experiences as head of the program during their time at CCA; to speak to the impact of the program on the college and its students; and to discuss the critical work, structural change, and prioritization that still needs to occur at CCA and institutions of higher education to truly dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism.

👂Visit Critical Ethnic Studies on Portal to stream directly!

🎨 Image: The “Califia” Mural was completed over the summer of 2015 six months after the previous mural was defaced. “Califia” was envisioned and created by Laila Guadalupe Espinoza Faik, Jacqueline Krase, Steven James Mayorga, Martina Miguens Casado, Ángel Jesús Perez, and Eduardo Pineda.

#criticalethnicstudies #alumniassociation #podcast #roundtablediscussion #dismantlewhitesupremacy #structuralchange #highered #sanfrancisco #oakland


🦋As we begin to unwind after a semester (and year) unlike any we have experienced before, PLEASE remember to be kind to yourself! We’ll “see” you in the spring!

📌Repost from @goodhumansonly

📝“REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE: You are enough as you are right now. You are lovable as you are right now. You are deserving as you are right now. You are whole as you are right now. You are worthy as you are right now. You are enough. Repeat it 3+ times so it sinks in. You’re the shit & you can do this.〰”

#selfcare #selflove #dailyaffirmations #goodbye2020 #criticalethnicstudies #californiacollegeofthearts #sanfrancisco #oakland


📌Repost from @cacollegeofarts!

“Does a mural need a wall? The contemporary U.S. mural movement formed in the late 1960s and was built on the foundation of a national struggle for equality and peace.”

“Swipe through to see some of our campus mural history, including archival images of Martinez Hall murals from 2018, 1981, 1976—and yesterday!
Students in Eduardo Pineda’s Project Mural course this fall worked together across time zones and swapped bricks for pixels to make a statement about CCA’s values”

Visit @cacollegeofarts link in bio to read more about how they thought beyond the wall and why it matters. You can also explore more archival gems in @ccartsalumni 's Homecoming at Home series. _ @cca_critical_ethnic_studies @ccalibraries _

Image 1: Installation view of “I am very Uncomfortable Most of the Time” by Jonette Tibbetts (BFA Individualized Studies 2018). Image 2: Student mural on campus completed December 1981. Photo by Farhad Heshmati. Image 3: 1976 Martinez Hall mural. Image 4: JE Jie-I Chen, Jung Yong Kim, Luna Jing, and Mitchell Shim, “Cultivate Creative Action,” 2020. Image 5: Joyce Da Bean Yu, Hailey So Jung Kim, Zephyr Alicia Villegas, and Jason McDonald, “Radical Responsibility,” 2020. Image 6: Velvet Qiongwen Cao, Keyan Liao, Meiru Wang, and Jordyn Mengqi Ju, “Think Beyond,” 2020. Image 7: Xinyan Kong, Jason Saurez, Lauren Brown, and Fatima Mendez, “Become chimeraMADE,” 2020.

#muralart #criticalethnicstudies #oakland #sanfrancisco


🚨Repost from @decolonizeunconference

“Whаt @melaninmvskoke sаіd. Сenterіng аnd рrіorіtіzіng blаck folх benefіts аll of us. Рerіod. ‘Іf decolonіzаtіon іs the goаl, then beіng рro-blаck must аlso be the goаl.’”

#problack #blacklivesmatter #decolonize #decolonizeunconference #criticalethnicstudies #californiacollegeofthearts #bayarea


Repost from @ccartsalumni 📬

“Аs ССА celebrаtes а 50 уeаr commіtment to the іnterdіscірlіnаrу studу of rаce, ethnіcіtу, іndіgeneіtу, аnd the рersрectіves аnd eхрerіences of рeoрle of color, the eхhіbіtіon '1970-2020 from The Blаck Studіes Іnstіtute to Сrіtіcаl аthnіc Studіes' eхрlores the tіmelіne of the рrogrаm from іts foundіng to the рresent dау.   

Meet us іn the аrchіves 📍 Lіnk іn @ccartsalumni Bіo


Wіnners of the 1975 Рro-Аrts аthnіc Scholаrshірs for Students of ССАС: Dr. Ріrojа Shroff wіth students Sаrаh Аbrаms аnd Terrу Mіnor. Сourtesу of the ССА/С Аrchіves.”

@ccalibraries @cca_critical_ethnic_studies

#criticalethnicstudies #cca #oakland #sanfrancisco #bayareahistory


🗣Repost from @ccartsalumni📣

“We exist in an environment of ‘anti-Blackness’ that inhibits our growth toward a truly inclusive and affirming community of human beings of equally infinite value...Until Blacks are free from oppression, and Black Lives Matter, no other lives will be free.”— Rickey Vincent, in a written response to the events and sentiments of spring and summer of 2020.

“Homecoming at Home is live with our final collection, ‘Celebrating 50 Years of Critical Ethnic Studies at CCA’. This fall we’ve explored our history, legacy, and culture and while there is a lot to be proud of, there is still much work to be done. Founded in 1970, CCA’s Critical Ethnic Studies program continues to be unique as the only dedicated program of its kind at an arts and design college in the United States.”

“This collection celebrates the college’s long investment in this work but critically recognizes the systemic racism, anti-Blackness, structures of White Supremacy that have challenged our community and that we are still addressing today. We look back at the foundations of the program at CCA and begin a series of conversations to reflect on the institution's history and its future.”

Link in @ccartsalumni bio! 🔗


  1. Critical Ethnic Studies 50th Anniversary Logo designed by Steve Jones


Repost from @phd_balance

“Having the right words to start a conversation is important! To start a conversation about/with transgender people, check out these terms. Be sure to look for some outdated terms that are not used within the community anymore.
EDIT: to clarify, this is meant as a guide for allies, not a rigid set of rules to police language. Also, we support and honor self-identification. Please use the terms an individual trans person uses for themselves. We also acknowledge there are other people within this community who may not want those terms used to refer to them and we made this guide with that in mind.
EDIT 2: the more accurate current term to replace sex reassignment surgery(SRS) is genital reconfiguration surgery, which is a type of gender confirming/affirming surgery.”

“[alt text: There is a series on 9 posts. The background has a pink-white-blue vertical gradient and the text is in a white rectangle aligned to the center. At the bottom of the white rectangle is the hashtag #TransAwarenessWeek2020. In bold letters it says: “Current Trans Terminology”. Under it it says, “Languages changes over time. While certain terms may have been commonly used years ago, they are now outdated and should be replaced with the current terminology. Here are some terms we will go over:”. In two columns it has the outdated terms and then the associated current terms (outdated term; current term) -a transgender/transgendered; transgender - female-to-male; Trans man - male-to-female; Trans woman - biologically female; assigned female at birth (AFAB) - biologically male; assigned male at birth (AMAB) - gender identity disorder (GID); gender dysphoria - preferred pronouns; personal pronouns - sex reassignment surgery (SRS); gender confirming surgery (GCS).”

#transawareness #translivesmatter #blacktranslivesmatter


⚡️Today, we’re highlighting Oakland based artist, writer and curator ✨Leila Weefur✨ @spikeleila who will be teaching “Black Experimental Narrative” in the Critical Ethnic Studies program Spring 2021.

“Leila Weefur (She/They/He) is a trans-gender-noncomforming artist, writer, and curator based in Oakland, CA. Through video and installation they examine the performativity intrinsic to systems of belonging present in our lived experiences. The work brings together concepts of the sensorial memory, abject Blackness, hyper surveillance, and the erotic.” - About borrowed from the artist’s website.

All work shown courtesy of the artist, in order of appearance;

BEAUTY IN THE BLACKNESS OF SOIL, Letterpress Book, 2017.
A collaboration with Shiloh Jines for SF Center For The Book.

Still from NOISE + THIRST, video & sound composition, 2018.

Blackberry prints.

THIS/ THEIR/ OUR, video OFF/ OUT/ DOWN, three-channel video, 2016.

To explore more of Leila’s work, visit their website at

If you’re a CCA student, we proudly encourage you to enroll in Leila’s Critical Ethnic Studies Spring 2021 course “Black Experimental Narrative” during the add/ drop period! ⚡️

#leilaweefur #videoart #installationart #letterpress #cca #sanfrancisco #oakland #oaklandartist #criticalethnicstudies


🗣🗣THIS FRIDAY! November 20th from 4 - 5 p.m. Join us for a SFSU event featuring CCA Critical Ethnic Studies Professor Claudia Bernardi and Yurok Tribe Chief Justice Abby Abinanti in a conversation about restorative justice and mural painting!📣📣
Zoom link in first slide🖇!
#sfsu #cca #yuroktribe #claudiabernardi #abbyabinanti #criticalethnicstudies #sanfrancisco #oakland


🎊Professor Kim Anno addresses the CCA campus community in acknowledgement of @cca_critical_ethnic_studies 50th anniversary! 🎉

📝”Dear CCA campus community, On the occasion of the Critical Ethnic Studies 50th anniversary I am teaching once again in the CES program a course that is thrilling for me: Citizens, Artists, Designers, and Journalists. This is a high point in my CCA career in that we are focused on getting out the vote for the 18-35 year olds, as well as presenting the work of cultural and political leaders of color through live and asynchronous visits. Artists and Designers have much to offer the chaotic world that is in our hands presently, particularly on the dialogue of race...”✉️

📚To read more, visit and search for “dear CCA campus community”!📖

🎨Featured images (in order of appearance) courtesy of Scott Underwood & Howsem Wang, Sophie Smith, Zoe Hotzman & Mitchel Kim and J Torres & Peter Yang. Work from Anno’s CES course Citizens, Artists, Designers, and Journalists in collaboration with students from Professor Steve Jones CES course Agitprop: Issues and Causes.🖼
#californiacollegeofthearts #diversitystudies #vote #graphicdesign #oakland #sanfrancisco


Critical Ethnic Studies welcomes you to fall 2020!!! This is going to be a great year! #letsdothis #blacklivesmatter


Tips to prevent burnout! If anyone knows the source, please tag them or let us know so we can properly cite! Thank you!


Diversity Studies Seminar Agiprop:Issues and Causes students collaboratively produce the Activist Cookbook! 12 revolutionary recipes!

WE STAN!! Led by Professor Steve Jones @plantain_studio

Agitprop, "agitation" and "propaganda," is political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature. Propaganda involves persuasive strategies, but is different than persuasion in its intended outcome. A graphic design approach to propaganda will involve an examination of the relationship of message to context, focusing on the intentionality and responses of an audience and lead to an understanding of propaganda as a communication process. This course will explore the history of propaganda from its earliest origins in the 19th century to its modern day manifestation in American politics. Each student will have an opportunity to explore her/his individual values to establish a theme for a campaign and attempt to persuade a targeted audience through several class assignments.


Diversity Studies stands in solidarity with those who fight against structures of white supremacy & militarized police terror here in the United States & across the globe.

We understand white supremacy does not take a day off, even during a global health crisis.
The following is a message for white people & those who are quick to call the police when other alternatives are available :: STOP CALLING THE POLICE ON BIPOC PEOPLE

We ask that you write down 10 alternatives to calling the police that are specific to your neighborhood, your city, to your skills. Research your local nonviolent communication & deescalation orgs. Train with them so that you can learn the skills to provide crisis assistance. Learn first aid, learn how to administer NARCAN. If you see someone with a flat tire or having car issues, stop to help.


Outstanding fees & lack of documentation can put BIPOC folks at risk of being violently oppressed & murdered.
Take your list of resources & keep it close. Share with your friends, neighbors & family. Work together to come up with alternatives. Hold yourselves accountable. Do the work. Don't be scared.
Work to heal your racist ancestral lines.
Do your duty as a human being.

Then support those BIPOC communities who are directly impacted by systems of white supremacy. Ask them how you can help support. Gift $$, donate time & resources, leverage your resources & repeat.


Hey @ccafinearts students!!! Haven’t completed your registration for Fall? Consider yourself an artivist? Check out Kim Anno’s DS course: Citizen Artists/Designers/Journalists 🔥🔥🔥
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We Are Black History - Diversity Studies @cacollegeofarts


February 1, 2021, 10:50 AM by Emma Goodacre

Updated: February 1, 2021, 10:58 AM

Getting Out the Vote: The 2020 US Presidential Election Awareness Project

Enough Bullshit

Sony Maharjan / Cameron Terrones

Every semester started off with a fun exercise - a take on the Donald Trump fueled phrase, “Make America Great Again” (MAGA). The phrase, like the man, has been one of great division—it ...

February 14, 2020, 11:48 AM by None

Updated: December 9, 2020, 11:20 AM

We Are Critical Ethnic Studies

Image: Akan Gold Weight Sankofa, courtesy of Brooklyn Museum

Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana translating to "Go back and fetch it" (san - to return; ko - to go; fa - to fetch, to ...

November 6, 2020, 9:37 AM by Emma Goodacre

Updated: November 11, 2020, 10:43 AM

"Dear CCA Campus Community"

Image: Vote to Fight Climate Change, courtesy of Scott Underwood & Howsem Wang.

Student work from Professor Kim Anno's Critical Ethnic Studies course Citizens, Artists, Designers, and Journalists.

On the occasion of the Critical Ethnic Studies 50th anniversary I am ...