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Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professors

Last updated on Nov 30, 2022

The Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professor of Wood Arts within the Furniture Program of California College of the Arts is a vital aspect of our dedication to bringing in innovative artists, designers, and makers from around the world to work with our students firsthand. (See Wornick Award for additional history.)

Each fall an invited artist or designer settles in to a one-to-three-month-long residency in which he or she continues personal work as well as teaches in the Studio Atelier course. This provides students an opportunity to work with world-class creators and to experience the making process from a wide variety of approaches and philosophies.

Selection Process

Each visiting professor is chosen from a list of candidates the Furniture faculty compiles. Individuals are selected for their unique talents and diverse perspectives. The residency provides students learning opportunities from those individuals who are often from outside academia, creating long-lasting relationships for everyone. This exciting position continues our tradition of bringing the world of art and design into the classroom.

Current Visiting Professors

Starting with the current Wornick Distinguished Visiting Professor in Wood Arts and following with previous artists, all artists listed below have taught at CCA in this accomplished role, lending their expertise and craftsmanship to students in the Furniture Program.

Past Wornick Visiting Professors

2021 - Yvonne Mouser

2010 - Scott Constable

2021 - Ido Yoshimoto

2009 - Michael Cooper

2019 - Annie Evelyn

2008 - Walter Kitundu

2018 - Julian Watts & Sylvie Rosenthal

2007 - Donald Fortescue

2017 - Max Lamb

2006 - David Trubridge

2016 - Paolo Salvagione

2005 - Richard Latrobe Bateman & Michael Hurwitz

2015 - Adrien Segal

2004 - Gord Peteran

2014 - Maskull Lasserre

2003 - Patrick Hall

2012 - David Colwell

2002 - Freddy Baier

2011 - Michael Hosaluk