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Last updated on Sep 19, 2023

Current UDIST Faculty


Prior to the beginning of the semester, UDIST instructors submit a proposed budget to the CORE Studio chair. Course budget proposals must provide specific budget line items and expenses. Any items that need to be purchased should be outlined in the budget proposal; do not use the expense reimbursement process. Instructors should not spend money out of pocket; materials from external vendors shall be purchased by the program manager on behalf of the faculty member.

Speaker Fees and Honoraria

Please submit Honoraria requests at least two days before the speaker visit. There may be an additional need for a W9 tax form.

W9 Form

Prospective UDIST Faculty

Course Proposal

UDIST course proposals are due during the Fall semester, and reviewed by the Curriculum Committee. The guidelines, learning outcomes and application can be found on the UDIST course proposal Portal page. Please be sure to read the proposal submission guidelines for UDIST’s specific content requirements prior to submitting your proposal.

Other Resources


Erik Scollon, Chair, CORE Studio