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Last updated on Sep 09, 2022

Design: Visual Development Minor



The Visual Development Minor is ideal for Illustration students pursuing careers designing characters, environments, and storyboards for the entertainment industry (Animation, Games, and Films). This minor is a way for Illustration students to concentrate on Visual Development while taking advantage of the robust course of study that Illustration has to offer. Many courses specific to the minor will be co-located with the Animation and Game Arts programs, allowing students to work with shared faculty and curriculum from these programs. Students in the minor take courses covering the foundational skills necessary for designing motion-based media, while delving into other options including character design, color, composition, and narrative environment design. Portfolio development and professional practice standards are incorporated into coursework. Many of the narrative skills learned in the Visual Development Minor are transferable to other illustration project areas (i.e. children’s books, amusement park design, stage design, and toy design). The minor is structured to be completed without adding to projected graduation timelines or unit requirements; the majority of requirements will fulfill Illustration Tools, Studio Electives, or Humanities requirements.

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Students: to browse courses in this minor in Workday, open the Find CCA Course Sections report and select the course tag "MINOR :: ILLUS: Visual Development Minor" in the Course Tag section of the left column.

You can also see courses at-a-glance here.


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