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Last updated on Sep 09, 2022

Design: Comics Minor



Many illustrators incorporate comics into diverse freelance careers that encompass other genres such as book and editorial illustration. For those wishing to pursue a career in comics, CCA offers an undergraduate major in Comics. For Illustration students who want to diversify their portfolio, an Illustration degree with a minor in Comics is a good option. During the course of classes in the Comics Minor, students will develop the visual storytelling skills unique to Comics. Specified courses cover layout and composition, traditional media and digital skills, character and story development, and writing. Most courses are co-located with the Comics BFA program, so students will work with Comics faculty and curriculum. Courses will explore the variety of styles, venues, and topics found in contemporary comics. Portfolio development and professional practice standards are incorporated into coursework. Many of the narrative skills learned in this minor are transferable to other forms of illustration (i.e. children’s books and personal publication). The minor is structured to be completed without adding to projected graduation timelines or unit requirements. The majority of requirements will fulfill Illustration Tools, Studio Electives, or Humanities requirements.

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Students: to browse courses in this minor in Workday, open the Find CCA Course Sections report and select the course tag "MINOR :: ILLUS: Comics Minor" in the Course Tag section of the left column.

You can also see courses at-a-glance here.


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