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Got Questions About Academic Coaching? Learn More Here!

Last updated on Dec 01, 2023

Quick Facts about Academic Coaching

What is the LRC?

The Learning Resource Center is a team of about 20 CCA students (undergraduate and graduate) and 3 faculty/staff members who serve as coaches in all academic subject areas. We love working with students at all levels! Our faculty coaches specialize in helping multilingual writers with academic reading, writing, and oral communication. Our coaches are here to help you compose and communicate your creative vision--to help you become a stronger learner and writer. Their focus goes beyond editing your work, and strives to improve you as a writer, student, and professional. We encourage you to make appointments early and to book multiple sessions.

You can contact the LRC Associate Director at: LRC@CCA.EDU

Where is the LRC?

You will find us online via Zoom, and on ground in the San Francisco LRC in the Main Building, 2nd Floor, Room 206. Coaching may also take place in the CCA library and Residence Halls. To make an appointment, visit the Academic Strategy & Writing Coach directory in the Learning Resources Portal site.

I'm looking for a tutor. Is that the same thing as an Academic Coach?

Yes! We call ourselves academic coaches because we try always to be your "guide on the side" helping you find the strategies and habits that work best for you as a learner and communicator.

What kinds of things can a coach help me do?

Here are just a few examples. At the beginning of a semester or course, we can help you organize and prioritize your schedule; set super achievable goals; help brainstorm, research, and draft a new paper or project; study and discuss complex readings or topics; later in the semester we can help you manage your time (if things seem to be piling up :); develop, revise, and present a paper or project; and locate additional resources and people who can help you succeed.

What happens during a coaching session?

  • First, your coach will help you set a super achievable goal for the session, based on your current homework or priorities.
  • Next, you'll work together on that project.
  • As the session comes to a close, your coach will schedule a follow up session or help you plan your next steps to continue on your own.

How long is each appointment?

Each appointment lasts 50 minutes.

Is it free?

Yes! Coaching is offered for FREE to CCA students.

Can I work with a coach every week?

Yes! As long as appointments are available, you are welcome to work with coaches every week. You may work with the same coach twice per week, and up to three different coaches per week.

Can I book multiple back-to-back appointments for a longer session?

No. One-on-one appointments are demanding, and coaches need to be able to take a break between appointments. You are only allowed one appointment with a specific coach per day. You may work with the same coach twice per week, and up to three different coaches per week.

Who are the coaches?

Nearly all coaches are currently enrolled CCA undergraduate and graduate students, just like you! During the Fall and Spring, the coaching team includes two or three CCA faculty members who specialize in multilingual academic writing. You can learn more about each coach by clicking on their appointment-booking site in the coach directory.

How do I find a coach?

Visit the Academic Strategy & Writing Coach directory in the Learning Resources Portal site to find all the coaches who are currently taking appointments. Click on their picture to find their schedule and to book the appointment. We also offer coaches for Science & Math.

Is coaching done online or is it in person too?

For Fall 2022, coaching sessions are available in the SF LRC (Main Building, 2nd Floor, Room 206) and online via Zoom. When you book your appointment, let your coach know if you prefer to meet in-person or online.

Can I email my paper to a coach ahead of time and have them edit it for me?

No. Coaches are here help you improve as a writer, which can only be done through one-on-one sessions. Also, coaching is meant to make deeper improvements to you work than just editing for grammar and spelling. To make the most of your time together, have the paper available on your computer and if online, use the "Share Screen" tool in Zoom to display the paper to your coach. Your coach will help you set a specific, realistic goal for your session so that you can prioritize your work together. Your coach will also help you figure out your next steps to continue making progress after the session is over.

What do I need to bring to an appointment?

To make the most of your appointment, check out our tips on the Prepare for Your Appointment page.

How do I know if I am eligible to work with an Academic Coach?

Our academic coaching program exists to support currently enrolled CCA students (undergraduate and graduate level) on their CCA course work. If you are a CCA student seeking help with homework or study strategies, we are here for you!

We may also help recent CCA graduates (within 6 months of degree completion) as they transition into the next phase of their academic or creative career (though we encourage them to connect with the Career Development Office first for expert support). On a case by case basis, we may work with students who are on a Leave of Absence (in consultation with their program manager or faculty member), and we may also supplement the services of the Student Success program to support academically dismissed students who are working on a specific project as part of their return to CCA. To request access to this special support, email the LRC director at LRC@CCA.EDU after meeting with your program manager or Student Success staff.

Students who have been Disciplinary Dismissed and Suspended Students from the College as a result of violations of the Student Code of Conduct, Sexual Misconduct Policy or Academic Integrity Code and have been notified that they are no longer eligible for access to College resources and services are not eligible to receive Learning Resource Center coaching.