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Our 5 Favorite Sources of Time Management Advice

Last updated on Oct 14, 2020

The Pomodoro Technique: An Overview

This trendy technique involves dividing up your work into bite-size, 25-minute chunks. If you enjoy the article, you might also like The Pomodoro Technique: A Professor’s Point of View. (Source: Prof Hacker blog, Chronicle of Higher Education)

A Get-Things-Done Guide for the Overwhelmed and Overloaded

A quick slideshow of 11 strategies for getting focused and productive. Want more? You might dive into this free 1-hour video webinar on How to Get More Done with A Lot Less Stress. (Source: ADDitude Magazine)

41 Time Hacks Used by ADHD Ninjas (aka Our Favorite Experts)

Lots of strategies suggested here, from coaches who specialize in helping people who are managing anxiety or attention-deficit challenges such as ADD and ADHD. (Source: ADDitude Magazine)

Time Management Training Doesn’t Work

OK, don’t be discouraged by the title :) This article offers substantial advice on approaching productivity not just as “time management” but as managing your workflow overall--how you prioritize your daily tasks and resist the urge to multi-task. It’s written with project managers in mind so its guidance is relevant to us as individuals and as collaborators trying to keep a team project on track. (Source: Harvard Business Review)

10 Killer Time Management Hacks for Artists

Most of these tips for full-time artists sync up really wel with the daily challenges of all of us juggling studio and academic work. Tip #4: Don’t Try to Multi-Task! Also check out this motivating video: Work of Art: Time Management. (Sources: ArtStation; Springboard for the Arts)

The top take-away from all these sources? Focus on your priorities and avoid multi-tasking. Research shows multi-tasking doesn’t really work. Besides, as productivity expert Susan Lasky says, “You can’t catch two rabbits at the same time!