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Photography: Lighting Studio

Last updated on Nov 22, 2021

Check Photo cage page for hours of operation

Lighting Studio
MANX (Martinex Annex Photo Studios)
Oakland Campus

Access to the Lighting Studio is reserved for students that have completed or are enrolled in Tools IV and any current student or faculty that has had a Lighting Studio Demo from the Studio Manager. If you would like this orientation, please contact the studio manager, access will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

The Lighting Studio is open whenever the cage is open. Reservations can be made at the cage and can be up to two weeks in advance.

Rules and Regulations

  • Make sure all equipment is returned by the time the cage is closed

  • There is no unstaffed access to the Phase One Camera

  • Make sure that everything is put back and that the locker doors are closed and locked.

  • Put all lights that remain on the floor in the back of the room. Make sure that there is a clear path to the back door

  • There is no fire in the Lighting Studio

  • There are no animals allowed in the Lighting Studio without the studio manager’s permission.

  • There is no drinking allowed anywhere on campus, this includes the lighting studio.

  • Make sure that the back door is locked when you are done.

  • Everything that you bring in for a shoot must be removed by the end of your shoot, there is no storage in the studio.

  • Make sure to turn off the monitor when you are done with your shoot.

  • Always back up your work.

About the Photography: Lighting Studio

The Lighting Studio is a 600 sq. ft. space for students to learn and use professional lighting equipment. The Lighting Studio is also where students get access to the Phase One digital medium format back system.

Tools and Equipment

  • 3 107” seamless backdrops (white, gray, and black) and a dozen different colors
  • A Variety of different types of grip equipment and light modifiers including gels, large softboxes, grids, beauty dishes, and snoots.
  • 2 Profoto Actute 2400 kits
  • Profoto Ring Flash pocket wizards
  • Sekonic L358 Dual Meter
  • Kinoflo Image 80DMX daylight balanced light
  • 4 dimmable LED Dedolights
  • 4 Arri hotlights
  • Mole Richardson Baby SolarSpot
  • 2 ColorTran hotlights
  • shooting table
  • a Bencher VP400 copystand
  • 2 camera stands
  • Horseman 45LX 4x5 camera
  • iMac Retina 5K station connected to a 55” NEC TV for tethered shooting
  • Phase One digital medium format back system
  • Phase One p40+
  • Phase One 645AF body
  • 80mm lens
  • 45mm T/S lens
  • 120mm Macro lens
  • Phase One Flextight adapter to mount the p40+back on the Horseman 45LX camera




Fall 2021 // Photo Lab Orientations

For those who are not familiar with space or would like a refresher, orientations are required before any students/faculty can work in the Darkroom, Lighting Studio, and Digital Darkroom.

Orientations are by appointment only// There will be no more Orientation for FA/21 after Oct.21st.


  • You must have been completed or currently enrolled in Tools:I, Tools:II or Tools: IV have at least 2-year experience in a Lightings studio and demonstrate a working knowledge of Lighting equipment to take part in a Lighting studio orientation

  • If you are seeking continued access to one or more of the Photography Areas or if you are a grad student, please contact Brianna Tadeo, the Studio Manager, at to see if you are eligible to access the photography faculties.