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Photography: Photo Equipment Cage

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Week Two-Four (1/27-2/16)
Monday:10am -8PM
Tuesday:10am -8pm
Wednesday:10am -8PM
Thursday:10am -8PM
Friday:10am - 5PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Rest of the term (2/17-5/8)
Monday:10am -10PM
Tuesday:10am -10pm
Wednesday:10am -10PM
Thursday:10am -10PM
Friday:10am - 5PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 2pm-8pm

MANX (Martinex Annex Photo Studios)
Oakland Campus

All undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, and faculty who are enrolled in or have completed the course that addresses the area of the Photography lab they wish to use are eligible to use the Photography facilities during staffed hours.

Anybody who has taken a corresponding course at a school other than CCA who wishes to use the lab must get permission from the studio manager and go through an orientation before lab access is permitted. Contact Brianna Tadeo, Photography studio manager, at 510.594.3718 or, for additional information.

Take-home equipment is only available to Photography majors and those students who are currently enrolled in a Photography course.

After-hours access is available to advanced Photography majors currently enrolled in a Photography course. Undergraduate majors are required to have completed at least 60 units, completed Tools I-III and Investigations I, and passed or be currently enrolled in Tools IV and Investigations II in order to be granted after-hours privileges. Photography graduate students are granted after-hours access based on knowledge and previous experience.

*After-hours students are responsible for lab clean up and break down when working without a lab monitor present.

About the Photography: Photo Equipment Cage

CCA's Photography studios and checkout center have been designed and equipped to enable students to realize any photographic project they wish to pursue.

In addition to the college's top-of-the-line digital facilities, the Photography Program maintains a large analog black-and-white printing and film-developing facility, including a dedicated large-format mural darkroom.

Equally important is the Photography checkout center (AKA "The Cage"), which provides students overnight access to all of the equipment they need to complete their assignments. Contact the Photography checkout center at 510.594.3618.

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