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JUKI DNU-1541s (Walking Stitch Machine)

About the JUKI DNU-1541s (Walking Stitch Machine)


The Juki DNU-1541S is a single-needle, straight stitch, walking foot industrial sewing machine. It has the added feature of a safety clutch mechanism that will automatically engage if there should be a sewing problem (thread in the hook, etc.) to prevent damage to the machine.

With compound feed (needle-feed, walking-foot...aka unison feed) and a large bobbin, this machine is awesome for sewing medium-heavy materials like Leather.

Max Stitch Length: 9mm
Needle: 135×17 (Nm160) Nm125~Nm180
Thread: #30~#5, B46~B138, Nm=60/3~15/3


Tool Details

  • Hardware
  • Functional
  • Juki
  • DNU - 1541s