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PaperCut Print Account Policy

Effective as of Jul 07, 2023 | Last updated on Mar 14, 2024

Policy Statement

California College of the Arts uses the account management software “PaperCut” for printing to plotters and printers in our computer labs, the Digital Fine Art Studio (DFAS) and Flat Lab. This software uses your CCA credentials (username and password) to pay for prints, check balances, and add credit. PaperCut credits are non refundable and non transferrable.

An additional credit for active students and faculty is issued as follows:


  • Students receive a $15 credit to their PaperCut Account at the beginning of each semester to offset print costs. Credit is only applied to active students with a CCA Account, see New Student Account Activation.


  • Faculty receive a $75 credit to their PaperCut Account at the beginning of each semester, up to a balance of $300. For personal projects, faculty can add their own funds in addition to the $300 limit but they will not receive additional credits until their balance falls below $300.
  • Faculty may request a credit transfer to a student only if the student has printed class teaching materials from their own account on behalf of faculty. Requests may be made using the Print Account Adjustment Request Form.


  • Kyoceras are available exclusively for staff printing, for detailed instructions see Printing to Kyocera Printers. For situations where no staff printing options are available, a supervisor can submit a request to access academic printers. Please use this form to request credit or access to a shared account.


PaperCut Accounts

To add credit, check balances, or view your transactions go to the PaperCut User Page.

Shared Accounts

Faculty or Staff printing on behalf of a program, department or college initiative may request that program funds be applied. Please use this form to request credit or access to a shared account, or contact the Tech Services Help Desk for more information.

Refunding credits due to malfunctions

Your account may be credited for each unsatisfactory page multiplied by the per–page cost if the problem was caused by:

  • A printer malfunction (e.g. paper jams, streaks, low toner)
  • A malfunction of the print accounting system
  • We cannot reverse fees from previous semesters.
    To request a fee reversal, please see: “How to Request a Refund in PaperCut”

Be sure you know what you are printing, how many pages are being sent, etc. before releasing the print job. Print credits will not be credited back to your print account due to print problems such as:

  • Accidentally sending more than one copy to a printer
  • Accidentally printing the "wrong" file
  • Formatting problems not caused by a bug/malfunction in the system or printer
  • Forgetting to log out and someone else using your print account credits
  • Print jobs that a user fails to pick up from a printer
  • Print jobs delayed several minutes due to heavy user load

Please note that the print accounting system is designed such that a user's print account is only debited for pages that actually emerge from a printer. Users are not charged for unprinted pages, or print jobs that are delayed or "stuck" and are subsequently removed from the print queue.

ALWAYS LOG OUT of your print account when finished working. If you do not log out, you run the risk of someone else printing with your print account funds.

Additional Information

No monetary refunds will be given

Absolutely no refunds or deposits to your bank account or card will be given after credits have been added to your PaperCut print account. Please do not add more credit than you need, as credits are non-transferable between users and will expire after graduation and/or separation from the college.

Print Account Activation and Deactivation

Print accounts will remain active and account balances will rollover to the following semester as long as you're enrolled or employed at CCA. If you return to the college after a period of separation, please contact the Tech Services Help Desk to have your previous account balance restored.


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