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Faculty Workspaces and Facilities

Last updated on Sep 07, 2023

Looking for a place to make a phone call, meet privately with a student, or get some work done? Below is some information related to the various locations on both of our campuses where faculty can go to use a computer, have meetings, or use a microwave.

Collaborative workspaces can be reserved on GoogleCal.

Crit & event space can be requested through Academic Affairs Operations.

Faculty Center, 80 Carolina

General Overview

The space is located on the ground floor of 80 Carolina and is accessed directly from the outside. The main entrance is located on the Carolina St. facing, southern portion of the building. The door is opened using your CCA ID card. All active teaching faculty will have access. Your ID card should be activated, but if you have any issues with access, please see the public safety desk in the grad center on Hooper.

When you first enter the space, there are two conference rooms off of a short hallway. These rooms are reservable and can be used to meet with faculty or students. More info about reserving and using the rooms is included in the attached guide. Configuration in EMS is in the set-up process, so please be patient if you are not seeing these rooms immediately when you are logged into the application.

At the end of the short hallway is a locked door that can be opened by faculty CCA ID cards. This door leads to the shared lounge and work area. Only faculty (and some staff) are allowed beyond this point. Students are never allowed to enter this area.

The lounge and work area contains a kitchenette, a restroom, a small locker room with day-use lockers, a computer station with multifunction printer, an AV cart, and various seating options.

Location, Access & Security

The space is located on the ground floor of 80 Carolina and is accessed directly from the outside. The exterior entrance is located by the southeast corner of the building and faces Carolina St.

An access control reader is located at the exterior entrance door for the faculty workspace (faculty only). Per CCA policy, faculty must wear CCA badges at all times while on campus. Faculty should use their own badge to access the space.

Once inside the space there is a short hallway flanked by two meeting rooms. At the end of the hallway is another door with an access control reader that is also opened using your CCA faculty badge. Students are allowed in the first portion of the space to attend meetings with faculty in the two meeting rooms. Students are never permitted through the second access door as this is strictly, faculty-only space. Staff members may enter the faculty space as required to complete their job duties.

CCA is not assigning a public safety post to the facility. There will be a regular tour of the facility by a patrol officer during the day. If you see someone that doesn’t belong in the facility, please contact the Public Safety Desk (415-726-2061) to request assistance.

Exterior alarms and motion sensors are set per Public Safety schedule which is currently 11:00pm - 6:00am, Monday - Friday, and 24 hours a day on weekends and observed holidays. Any use of the facility after alarms are set must be approved in advance by the applicable Dean or Director of Academic Administration. Once approved, the Public Safety Desk at Hooper (415-726-2061) will provide access when requested.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras are located at all exterior doors and monitored by Public Safety staff.

Valuables should not be left in the facility and must be taken home. Please make sure to always carry your CCA badge when you are on campus.

Meeting rooms

There are two meeting rooms at the front of the space that are reservable. These meeting rooms in 80 Carolina are available for Faculty Members to reserve on our CCA Google Calendar. If you have any questions on how to reserve a room please go to this link for more information. Space can also be reserved at other locations across the campus and you can find this information here. If you have any questions or do not see a space that you are interested in listed then please contact the Academic and Events Scheduling Manager at

Please note the following:

  • In the interest of making these rooms as available as possible for meetings, they should not be used for individual work or for holding classes.
  • Reservations should be kept to 60 minutes or less for the smaller room and 120 minutes or less for the larger room.
  • If one of the meeting rooms is empty and not reserved, it is available for drop-in use on a first-come, first-served basis. However, since someone could reserve the space while you are in it, it is always advised to make a reservation request once you have “dropped-in” to the space.
  • Drop-in use should be kept to the same time constraints as reservations: 60 minute or less for the smaller room and 120 minutes or less for the larger room.
  • Please be courteous to others and end any scheduled meetings on time and return the room to a clean and organized state upon leaving.
  • Please email to cancel any reservations that you will not use so that others can use the space.
  • Food is acceptable in the meeting room spaces, but all users are expected to remove any food or materials from their meeting and fully restore the rooms to their base setup condition.


The lockers in the rear of the space are for day-use only and should be left empty and unlocked at end of each day. We will provide more information about the lockers once they are installed and ready for use.

Locking Cabinets

The locking cabinets are available to tenured and tenure-track faculty who have been swung out of office space in this time of campus transition and construction. This is on a limited basis for storing instructional materials.

Kitchen Services
: water filtration, on-demand hot water, refrigerator, dishwasher

To avoid pest issues, food is not to be stored except in the refrigerator or in a pre-approved location by Facilities. Please clean up after yourself when consuming food to avoid attracting pests. Dishes are provided in the kitchen and faculty are expected to clean up after every use. Dishwashing supplies are not maintained by the facilities department and are therefore the joint responsibility of kitchen users. Refrigerators located in faculty and staff kitchens are cleaned twice a year, during the holiday break and again in the summer. Ongoing cleanup is the shared responsibility of those using the kitchen.

Temp control: Indoor temperature ranges are 68° F - 72° F during the heating season and 74° F - 78° F during the cooling season. Occupants who have access to a thermostat in their work location will follow these settings.

Pest Control: Services are provided every other month, and targeted areas include kitchens or approved food storage locations.

Landscaping: Monthly Service on a Saturday morning for landscaping in the planter boxes around the parking lot.

Custodial: Bathrooms and central waste/recycling/compost locations are maintained during the workweek; floors are either vacuumed or cleaned twice a week.

Parking: Please refer to parking & transportation.

Repair, Service and Support

If the physical space, furniture or fixtures needs repair, service or other attention from Facilities, please complete a Facilities Service Request Form. Also, we respectfully request that you please not introduce new office furniture into the work environment.

If you need assistance or service for any of the technology in the space, please contact Technology Services and open a ticket via one of the following methods:

Printing and Copying

Please use your CCA printing facilities for all your printing and copying needs. Course readers (see below) can be made at Copy Plus.

Print Accounts

All faculty at CCA have access to the college printers and copiers. At the beginning of each semester, Academic Affairs deposits $75 into each contracted faculty member’s print account. To use your print account, login on the appropriate machine using your CCA ID and password.


There are a wide range of machines available, from simple black and white printers for plain text on letter-sized paper, to printers that process fabric or make full-color posters. For detailed help including maps of printer locations for each campus, go to There are additional printers in the Faculty Lounge at 80 Carolina, as well as in the Teaching Support Studio at Meyer Library. To print from a computer lab, follow these instructions. To print from your laptop, follow these instructions.


San Francisco-based faculty may use the copiers in the corridor outside Lab D on the second floor of the SF main building, or the copier in Simpson Library. All copiers are activated by keying in your print account ID and password, and the cost of the copies is deducted from your print account.


San Francisco-based faculty may use the scanning copiers in the corridor outside Lab D on the second floor of the SF main building, or the scanning copier in Simpson Library.

Course Readers

ARC, across the street in the Adobe building.

100 Hooper Street, Suite 20
San Francisco, CA 94107
United States

(415) 495-8700
(415) 512-6550


Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 11:00 PM

To create a Course Reader for ARC:

  1. ARC does not have the space to hold printed copies for each student - they can only print readers on demand. 
  2. Assemble the digital files for the reader.
  3. Provide the digital file to the students.
  4. The students can take the digital files to ARC for printing.

Often the most convenient way to produce a course reader is to upload PDF documents to a common site for students to access as needed. You may do this using Moodle, the college’s online learning management system (found at - contact for Moodle help), or you may also choose to use Google Drive or Google Classroom for this purpose. Students may then download and print as needed.