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Navigating Faculty Employment

Last updated on Jul 31, 2023

The following resources are intended to assist faculty in navigating the various resources and opportunities available to them both as instructors and as employees of the college.

Workday Student Support

Teaching Lab

Resources and information for faculty regarding faculty orientation, faculty development, faculty workspaces, UDIST course proposals, and more can be found through the Teaching Lab.

More information on the Teaching Lab

Promotion Review Process

All faculty are required to undergo a formal review process for promotion and appointment. Policies and procedures for ranked faculty are defined in the Faculty Handbook. Policies and procedures for unranked faculty are defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Additional information and resources related to these reviews can also be found on the Portal.

More information on the Promotion Review Process

Ranked Faculty Service

Faculty should consult with their program chair and/or dean regarding service opportunities and their individual commitments on an annual basis.

The Ranked Faculty Service page provides a preliminary guide to college-wide service and some other division- or program-wide opportunities that are standard across the college. This is not an exhaustive resource - additional service opportunities may exist.

Faculty should refer to their program chair for information about program-specific service opportunities, and to their dean for additional division-specific service opportunities.

More information on Ranked Faculty Service

Faculty Development and Grants

In addition to promoting informed discussions of student learning within the CCA community, the college is committed to the professional development of our faculty, by providing knowledge and skill-building opportunities to foster an outcome of excellence in teaching.

More information on Faculty Development and Grants

Faculty Absence Policy

Faculty are required to report all absences to their program chair. Detailed information on faculty absences, including substitution policies, is available on this page.

More information on Faculty Absence Policy

Field Trips and Off Campus Activities

For some off campus activities, faculty may be required to submit paperwork in advance with signature of students participating in the event.

More information on Field Trips and Off Campus Activities

Faculty Position Descriptions

Position descriptions for ranked and unranked faculty in the following positions are available on the Portal:

Assistant Professor

Associate Professor


Adjunct I

Adjunct II

Senior Adjunct

More information on Faculty Position Descriptions

Glossary of Acronyms

Glossary of acronyms used in the Faculty Handbook and across the college.


Academic Affairs would like to develop an FAQ for all faculty, and we need your input and questions in order to make it a helpful resource.

If there's a question that you think all faculty could benefits from having the answer to, please send an email to with the subject "Portal FAQ Suggestion." We'll add to our FAQ page as we hear more from you about what would be the most helpful.

More information on Academic Affairs FAQ