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Wattis & Exhibitions Visits, Field Trips, and Off Campus Activities

Last updated on Jan 26, 2023

Wattis and Exhibitions Visits

The CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art and the CCA Exhibitions Program each offer rich opportunities for curricular engagement within the CCA campus community. Each is just a short walk from 1111 Eighth St., and visits are not considered to be off-campus activities.

To schedule a visit with a class to an exhibition at the Wattis Institute, faculty can fill out this form. In advance of the visit, Wattis staff will send information about the current exhibition and discussion prompts faculty may wish to use as they prepare to tie the visit in with curriculum.

Information about tours and groups visits with the CCA Exhibitions Program can be found here.

Field Trips and Off Campus Activities

If faculty are taking students on a field trip as part of the normal course expectations for a class students are currently enrolled in, no liability forms are required. These trips may occur outside of a class' regular meeting time.

The Off Campus Activity Authorization Form is required for any voluntary trips unrelated to specific course requirements. Please download and complete both pages of the form and submit it to Academic Affairs no less than two days prior to the planned event.

Completed forms can be submitted via email to


Is participation in the field trip part of regular course activities?

No form needed

Is the field trip a voluntary off-campus College activity or event?

Fill out form