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Last updated on Feb 09, 2024

The CCA CAPS Center offers services in a hybrid format; in-person and online (tele-mental-health) Please take the following into consideration:

Spring 2024 Appointments are available to book on our Student Health Portal.

We are Currently running a short waitlist, so no ongoing therapy appointments are available to book. Please call 415 551 9267 or email to be added to our waitlist, or to receive referrals for services in the community outside CAPS

One Time Urgent Appointments can be booked by calling 415 551 9267 or emailing Please note that call backs regarding an urgent appointment will be tended to on the day of your call between 9 am and 5 pm.


Reading Instructions on how to schedule a regular or a one time urgent (OTU) appointment (Find Below)

Audio Instructions on how to schedule an appointment Audio appointment booking


Mental Health Services are now available to book online for:

  1. Enrolled CCA Students (students do not have to have the CCA student health insurance to access counseling services)
  2. Students who currently and will continue to reside in California.

State Licensing Laws currently prohibit our California Licensed Staff from providing mental health services to students located in other states. We will update our policies if and when these laws change.

For minors (less than 18 years old) seeking CAPS Support, please read Considerations for Minors Seeking Counseling

Regular Appointments

Scheduling Information:

Please read the appointment booking instructions below throughly as there are some requirements for booking and accessing counseling appointments that are addressed in the instructions.

How to Book an Appointment

If you meet the above criteria and want to book an appointment please visit our new student health portal. If have trouble with the direct link you will visit the site

  1. You will use your CCA single sign on credentials to log in to the portal
  2. In the portal you will click on the "Appt Scheduling" option
  3. To schedule a new appointment click "Schedule Appt" in the drop down bar, read and agree to the terms
  4. Choose a date on which you would like to have your initial counseling visit. When you choose your date start with the next days date, if you choose the current day you will get a "no results found" response. The same will happen if you choose a date further out than a period of longer than 1 week. (Note: These settings exist to ensure there is no double booking).
  5. Make sure to click on "Initial Counseling Visit-online" or "Initial Counseling Visit- In Person" in the "Reason for Appointment" box in order to proceed, the one you choose will turn blue (Note: even if you have been seen in counseling this is a new academic year and new forms and consents are required.)
  6. Chose the date, time and if available your preferred counselor that works for your schedule. (Note: if you imagine you would like ongoing counseling try to chose a date and time that works consistently with your schedule.)
  7. Required Forms will show up in your student health portal 24 hours before your appointment, please set aside 10-15 minutes in that time frame before your appointment to complete these forms you will not be able to meet with your counselor until these forms are complete
  8. If your initial appointment is online a zoom link will appear in your student health portal 30 minutes before and remain for 20 minutes after your booked appointment.
  9. If your initial appointment is in person; instructions on how to access the CAPS offices will be sent in a message to your your student health portal before your appointment.

Please Note: The appointment system does not allow booking appointments less than 24 hours in advance and only shows appointments one week in advance as noted above. When you book make sure you start with the next days date. If you are not seeing any available appointments it means that there are current no counseling appointments available, and you will need to contact CCA CAPS at 415.551.9267 to either request a referral for services outside CCA CAPS or be added to our waitlist for services.

Ongoing Counseling Appointments: After you and your counselor meet for your initial appointment, you will both decide if ongoing counseling, up to 10 sessions per academic year through CCA counseling will meet your needs and if it is an appropriate level of support. If you decide to continue your counselor will book your ongoing appointments that you will access through your student health portal. Do not book ongoing appointments, only schedule your first initial appointment.

Rescheduling: For ongoing clients or students already being seen in therapy, please do not reschedule your appointment through the online booking system, as this can causes confusion and you may be booking an appointment that is no longer available. If you need to reschedule please contact your clinician directly to find a new time.

Please don't hesitate to call our main voicemail at 415.551.9267 if you have additional questions and/or are not able to access your student health portal.

If you are an enrolled student but are currently residing outside California, Phone Consultations related to finding Mental Health Support and Resources in your current location are available. Please call 415.551.9267 to request a consultation.

One Time Urgent Appointments

During the week (Mo, Wed, Thu, Fri) CAPS has set aside several in person One Time Urgent Appointments. If you cannot wait until your scheduled appointment or are on the waiting list and would like to meet for a one time meeting with a counselor to discuss an urgent need you can schedule one of these appointments.

Scheduling Instructions/Information:

To make a one time urgent appointment please leave a message at 415 551 9267 with your name and number and someone will return your call shortly. Please note that call backs regarding an urgent appointment will be tended to on the day of your call between 9 am and 5 pm. If you need to speak with someone immediately for a non-emergency urgent matter that requires immediate assistance please call our mental health crisis hotline at 415 551 9344.

Our Mental Health Crisis hotline is available 24/7, 365 for ALL students regardless of location. If you are in need of immediate support please call 415.551.9344 (previously 510.594.5099)

Non-CCA Mental Health Resources

Please visit the wellness page for detailed information on accessing Mental Health and Wellness Resources through your insurance. CCA counseling is aware that navigating Mental Health Services through insurance, or even out of pocket can be overwhelming. If you would like support and direct referrals from the CCA counseling team please call to book a consultation at 415 551 9267.