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Last updated on Nov 07, 2023

Our Mission

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) is committed to the mission of CCA and the Division of Student Affairs through shaping and maximizing the overall student experience.

Our office provides assistance, intervention, prevention, and referral services to the college community.

The office also serves as an advocate for students while challenging students to develop personal responsibility, practice ethical decision-making, and seek social justice as they grow into creative citizens.

Our Values


  • Creating connections to help students best navigate difficult and challenging personal and academic circumstances


  • Advocating for equitable opportunities that will enable students to utilize resources to support them in their educational pursuits


  • Encouraging regular reflection as an essential part of growth and overall student success during their time at CCA and beyond


  • Empowering students to be informed of their rights and responsibilities as members of the CCA community

Areas of Oversight


The mission of the CCA Cares program is to prevent, intervene, and manage challenging situations that arise for members of the college community. We aim to identify underlying causes of such potential harm so that preventative action may benefit the students and the college community as a whole. Our team will meet with all individuals involved in the submission of a CCA Cares form to:

  • Provide support
  • Connect with resources & referrals
  • Follow-up as needed to come to a resolution


Our team follows up and works with any CCA community members who violate or engage with the following policies and/or procedures:


Access / Disability Services provides support to enrolled students with a documented permanent or temporary physical, psychological or sensory disability (including pregnancy-related disabilities) that qualifies them for accommodations. We support:

  • Accommodations Requests (Academic, Housing, ESA + SA, Meal-plan reduction, etc.)
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • Disability Identity Programming

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How to Schedule

Topics we cover

Jeannine Szamreta

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students

On campus by appointment only

Monday-Friday by appointment

Schedule a meeting with me

CCA CARES, Academic letters of support, Resources & referrals

Joren Plunkett

Associate Dean of Students for Conduct & Case Management

No in-person availability

Monday-Friday by appointment

Schedule a meeting with me on or schedule by email at

CCA CARES, Conduct, Academic letters of support, Resources & referrals

Marcos Garcia

Associate Director for Disability & Access

Wednesdays & Thursdays or by appointment

Monday-Friday by appointment

Schedule a meeting with me on

Accommodations requests, Resources & referrals

Preston Arment

Assistant Director of Conduct & Access

Mondays & Thursdays or by appointment

Monday-Friday by appointment

Schedule a meeting with me on

Conduct, CCA CARES, Academic letters of support, Accommodations requests, Resources & referrals