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Keep in mind you will be responsible to transport all your luggage. Focus on packing what is needed and available only in your home country. Most items can be purchased at local stores in San Francisco once you arrive. REMEMBER: Don't forget all your immigration documents in your carry-on.


Temperatures in San Francisco average between 46 - 74 degrees Fahrenheit (7 - 23 degrees Celsius). For the most part, it can be warm during the day and chilly at night. September and October are the warmest months while December thru February are considered the rainy season.

  • Most people dress in layers with a light jacket for most days and a medium to heavy coat for the winter months. Depending on the climate you are most accustomed to, it may be advisable to bring some warm clothes.
  • In the classroom and around campus, most students dress relatively casually, usually jeans and shirts, but dress formally in case of special events and/or professional outings.


Most devices in the U.S. uses a 2-pronged plug or a 3-pronged plug. The standard voltage is 120. If you plan to bring any electronics (e.g. hair dryer, laptop, camera charger, etc), you may also want to consider bringing an adapter/ convertor with you.

Toiletries, Bedding, Towels

This will depend on where you stay when you first arrive. It would be a good idea to have at least travel sized toiletries and some towels in case you do not have access right away. Once you arrive, you can purchase full size toiletries, towels, bedding (Twin XL for on-campus housing) and other items needed. For information on what to bring for living in the residence halls, visit the what to bring section in the Housing & Dining website.

Medications & Prescriptions

If you require any prescribed medications, eye glasses, contact lenses, etc, make sure to have an extra supply. Review the CBP website for rules regarding traveling with medications.

Other Helpful Tips

Bringing photos of family and friends or anything meaningful that connects you to home may be helpful items to navigate homesickness and introduce yourself to others.