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Chimera Leader FAQs

What is the compensation package for each Chimera Leader position (i.e. RA, OL, etc.)?

We are waiting to hear each position's stipend/compensation package as the College's budget for next year is still being determined. If you are selected to be a chimera leader, you will receive a specific compensation package for your position with an offer letter.

How should I write my resume?

Please check out the resources the Career Development Office has put together regarding resume writing. If you would like 1:1 support you are also able to schedule an appointment with a career coach! 

Which community would I be assigned to if I were selected as a residential assistant?

There are two communities that may need residential assistants for the upcoming academic year:

Community placement is dependent on many factors (i.e. personal preference, team synergy, and academic year, etc.). The responsibilities and compensation may vary depending on the number of residents in each community. Please learn more about each community to help us understand why you think your skills would benefit a certain community. You will be asked your personal preference if you progress to an individual interview in the selection process.