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Last updated on Apr 24, 2021

More information will be shared with steps to participating in this year's commencement experience.

Meanwhile, please consider nominating student speakers (CCA email required)

Gown & Hood (Optional)

We have partnered with Herff Jones, an academic regalia vendor, for you to purchase and ship direct to you at an affordable cost. The Renew gown saves 29 bottles from the landfill – the highest industry standard for green gowns. You are positively impacting the environment by:

  • One Renew gown saves 29 bottles from the landfill
  • Every Renew gown saves the energy equivalent of 1/2 gallon of gas
  • Consumes 2.1 liters less drinking water
  • Decreases the effects of global warming through 1.5lbs fewer CO2 emissions or greenhouse gas
  • Certified as being made from 100% recycled materials
  • Renew has a soft hand and is a lightweight polyester fabric

This year, students have the option to purchase their own academic regalia from Herff Jones or through other online retailers. Purchase of academic regalia is not required but optional.

Note: Students in the commencement class of 2021 will be mailed a commencement DIY kit that will include a tam, stole of gratitude, and tassel (unless they opted out when completing their Commencement Questionnaire).

Purchase Gown & Hood (select Master ceremony) - The deadline to order gowns online through Herff Jones has passed as of April 21st, please email if you would like the contact information of our Herff Jones representative.

Interested in purchasing your gown and hood with other online retailers?

Master gowns have extended traditional sleeves and hood colors are based on conferred degrees. The hood colors are:

  • MA - white
  • MDes - gold/yellow
  • MFA - brown
  • MBA - drab
  • MArch/MAAD - purple


For information about diplomas, including instructions on setting your diploma mailing address and ordering diploma frames, please see the Diplomas page.

Class Rings

Students can now display their accomplishments with college rings from Herff Jones. There are numerous combinations that allow you to customize your class ring to be reflective of your accomplishments while at CCA.

Order your CCA class ring »

Resources for Graduates

Career Development Career Development makes available valuable student and alumni professional services that embody the college's goal to equip students and alumni with the confidence and tools to assert themselves, their work, and their roles as cultural leaders in the world.

Career Development »

International Student Affairs and Programs (ISAP) International students with F-1 status may be eligible to seek permission to work in the United States for up to 12 months beyond graduation. If interested in applying, contact the ISAP Office as soon as possible.

International Student Affairs and Programs »

Alumni Association Graduating students automatically become members of the CCA Alumni Association. Membership benefits include social, networking, and career opportunities as well as access to campus libraries.