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Staff Work Modes & Workspaces

Last updated on Jan 26, 2023

Why do we have work modes?

Workplace culture at CCA is rooted in collaboration, discourse and providing service to our students, faculty and partners. We are committed to delivering an excellent curriculum to our students and ensuring that they are learning effectively and receiving an outstanding experience at CCA. However, we also recognize that employees are seeking increased flexibility. We are committed to providing staff with the appropriate resources, technology and frameworks to support their effectiveness, regardless of their work location. We believe that through the adaptation of services in response to the pandemic over the past year, several opportunities have emerged that could make for a more satisfied workforce and effective CCA.

We also recognize that constant reassessment and review is important, so these concepts and changes will continue to be reviewed and adjustments made as needed.

All staff should be checking in with their manager on an ongoing basis to ensure effectiveness. If there is disagreement with the assigned work mode, or a staff member may not be able to perform the duties of their position in the assigned work mode, please reach out to HR at If you are a staff member in the bargaining unit and you would like union representation during your meeting about work modes, please call the SEIU 1021 Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021 and a rep or steward will get in touch with you.

Staff Work Modes: Where & How We Work

All staff positions have been assigned to one of the below work modes.



Campus Based

Positions that are dependent on a physical location on campus and are not eligible for remote work under the remote work policy. Ad hoc remote work may be approved occasionally by the manager based on work needs.

Campus Hybrid

Positions that require a regular, on campus schedule but may not need to be on campus every day of the week. These incumbents are approved to work remotely on the days that they do not need to be on campus.

Remote First

Positions that are approved to work primarily remotely but will have ad hoc needs to come to campus, likely on a monthly basis. These incumbents need to have the ability to commute to campus when needed.

Fully Remote

Positions that are approved to work remotely 100% of the time. Some positions may require occasional travel to the CCA campus, others may not.

Expectations & Guidelines for Remote and Hybrid Positions

Staff who are approved to work remotely are expected to have regularly-scheduled and approved work hours (determined by their manager), to be fully accessible during those hours, and to attend meetings and functions via phone or Zoom as may be required.

Core Business Hours

The College’s core business hours are 8am - 4:30pm Pacific Time, however alternate work schedules can be determined by the employee and their manager and may reflect alternate time zones, depending on the responsibilities of the position.


For employees who are approved to work remotely, it is the responsibility of the employee to designate a remote workspace, which is typically a space in the employee's home (an office, spare bedroom, etc.). The expectation is for work to be performed in the designated workspace to allow a safe area, free from hazards to both the employee and the equipment. If the space is unsafe or if the employee sustains any injuries in the designated workspace, they employee should notify their manager.

In the event of technical issues with computer or internet access that may interfere with work, the employee should notify their manager immediately and the manager can help to find alternate arrangements.

Working on campus may be needed from time to time


Tools will be made available to employees for managing time and tasks, communicating with co-workers, logging and tracking projects, and accessing resources. The employee must have the following equipment, software, and services to be eligible for remote work:

  • Access to high-speed internet
  • Stable cell signal coverage

CCA will provide the following equipment, software and services at the remote workspace:

  • CCA issued laptop
  • Zoom Pro account
  • Integrated telephone service available for use on the CCA laptop (Mitel)
  • Collaboration software such as Google Suite or additional software as determined by the role and service needs

CCA supplied equipment is to be used for CCA business only and all CCA equipment must be returned when the employee leaves the college. The employee may not use personally-owned equipment, software or service.

General office supplies, pens, paper, toner, etc. will be provided by CCA as needed. If the employee has additional out-of-pocket costs associated with a remote work option, they may submit these expenses for consideration and approval via the existing reimbursement process, with appropriate documentation.

Time Keeping

Employees who are not exempt from the overtime requirements of federal and state laws will be required to accurately record all hours worked and submit accurate time records to their managers via Workday. Meal breaks and rest breaks should continue to be scheduled, regardless of being on campus or remote.

Employee Service Expectations

Employees are accountable for maintaining sufficient communications with their colleagues, supervisors, students, alumni, applicants, and outside vendors. Employees are to be online and accessible for 7.5 hours, Monday to Friday, unless an alternate schedule has been determined for a position. Employees operating via a remote work option are expected to work with their manager to set up regular check-ins. Any correspondence from colleagues, supervisors, students, alumni, applicants, and outside vendors must be answered as quickly as possible.

Work Stipend

All staff will receive a $50/month non-taxed stipend for remote work expenses, including internet & cell, that will be provided on an ongoing basis. This stipend applies to both union and non-union-represented staff and is intended to address work-related home internet expenses and the occasional work-related use of cell phones, both while performing remote work. The stipend is also intended to assist with transportation and other personal costs for staff who work on campus. Other necessary and reasonable work at home expenses are still eligible for reimbursement under our existing policy and should be reviewed and approved in advance of purchase. 


Exceptions to be Fully Remote may be granted for certain positions that are classified in an alternate work mode. All exceptions must be approved by the division Vice President and Human Resources, and will be subject to a six month provisional period. Prior to recommending an exception to leadership, managers should consider other similar positions on their team and how granting an exception will impact those positions or team members. Granting an exception should not lead to additional work for the manager or team members. Exceptions may continue or be altered or discontinued based on the employee's performance and CCA's business needs, in sole judgment of CCA. Remote work positions will be reviewed periodically to ensure they support employee performance and work-life balance as well as the achievement of CCA's business goals. Any changes to a work mode will communicated to the employee with ample notice.

Please note that employees who move out of state in a Fully Remote position are subject to potential changes in their benefit plans. Contact to learn more or visit the Benefits portal page.

Additional Guidelines for Union Staff

The staff collective bargaining agreement further outlines these guidelines under Appendix B.