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FAQ: Staff Work Modes & Workspaces

Staff Work Modes

What does the staff workforce look like from a work mode standpoint?

About 70% of our staff are mostly on campus in a Campus Based or Campus Hybrid position. 30% of our staff are mostly off campus in a Remote First or Fully Remote position.

How was my work mode determined?

HR reviewed all staff job descriptions and assigned a preliminary work mode for each position based on job responsibilities. These recommendations were then shared with managers and leadership for review and input, and were adjusted accordingly. Managers had interactive discussions with their employees for feedback on the selected work mode.

My position is classified as Campus Hybrid. How do I know which days I have to be on campus?

Your manager will develop a schedule with you based on what is most appropriate for your position. The number of days and which days on campus each week may vary, if that is appropriate for your position - it doesn't need to be consistent.

What if I don't agree with the work mode for my position?

Each position was classified in a work mode based on the job description, position responsibilities and input from division leadership. If you have concerns, please speak with your manager. If needed, your manager can connect with your HR Lead. If you are a staff member in the bargaining unit and you would like union representation during your meeting about work modes, please call the SEIU 1021 Member Resource Center at 1-877-687-1021 and a rep or steward will get in touch with you.

Are the work modes flexible? Can they be changed?

Work modes are determined based on the job description and position responsibilities, along with input from leadership and managers. However, work modes may be adjusted if it is determined by HR and leadership that a different work mode is more appropriate.

What if I want to come to campus more often than my work mode indicates?

You are permitted to come to campus whenever you feel it's appropriate for your position, assuming you are able to reserve a workspace for that day. The amount of workspace available to staff has been determined using the number of positions in Campus Based and Campus Hybrid work modes, however, we anticipate that ample space will be available for all staff to come to campus when needed/desired.

Am I not allowed to work remotely at all if I am Campus Based?

Campus Based positions do not fall under the Remote Work Policy and will typically need to be on campus to perform the duties of the position. However, managers are permitted to approved ad hoc days for remote work for employees based on work needs.

If I am Remote First, what does “commutable distance” mean? Will I be called back last minute to campus?

A commutable distance means that you are located within a relatively close proximity to campus and CCA would not be responsible for reimbursing travel expenses to come to campus. Depending on your position, you may need to be available to come to campus on short notice but in other cases, it could be planned.

Will CCA provide a stipend for working remotely?

The college offers a $50/month non-taxed stipend for remote work expenses, including internet & cell, which is provided on an ongoing basis. This stipend applies to both union and non-union-represented staff and is intended to address work-related home internet expenses and the occasional work-related use of cell phones, both while performing remote work. The stipend is also intended to assist with transportation and other personal costs for staff who work on campus. 

I'm hiring for a new position right now. Should I share the work mode with candidates?

Yes! Please let candidates know so that they can plan accordingly. Work modes are also added to the job description and job posting.

If I'm in a benefits eligible position, do I need to change medical plans if I move outside of the Bay Area?

You most likely will need to change medical plans if you move outside of the local area. For more information, please click here. Additional questions? Please email

On Campus Workspaces

What if I want to have an assigned desk? Can I reserve the same desk each time that I am on campus?

We transitioned from assigned desks to offer more flexibility with our spaces, so typically, we will not be assigning desks. In some cases, it might be appropriate. Please work with HR on any individual concerns. You may use the same desk each time that you are on campus if it is available but it will not be able to held for you.

Where can I store my items? Will there be lockers?

There is a file cabinet with a key next to each shared workspace so that it can be used throughout the day. We do not have space allocated for lockers yet but it may be considered depending on feedback.

Can you share more about sanitation for shared workspaces?

Regular custodial services are in place throughout the campus and high-touch surfaces will be sanitized daily. Sanitation stations are available in multiple locations in shared workspace areas. The expectation is that the individual leaving the desk will sanitize the area prior to departure.

What if I have ergonomic concerns about my desk set up?

Please visit the Ergonomics portal page or reach out to

How will access to office supplies (e.g., pens, post-its, notebooks, markers, tape, staplers, etc.) work in shared spaces?

Office supplies are located in the printer room by the kitchen in the 2nd floor of 80 Carolina. If you need additional items, please email Teresa Duddy at

How can I provide feedback?

Please email or use the anonymous employee comment form to submit feedback.