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FINAR-6160: Studio Research Laboratory

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Spring 2022

Section Name Meeting Info
FINAR-6160-2: Studio Research Laboratory: Make a Mess
Maria Capron
  • Wed 12:00-03:00PM, San Francisco - Main Building - E3

Spring 2020

Section Name Meeting Info
FINAR-6160-3: Studio Research Laboratory: Capp Street Residency Intensive: Looking In / Looking Out: The Archive
Hong-An Truong
  • Meeting Time TBD, Off Campus - Dogpatch 1
FINAR-6160-7: Studio Research Laboratory: Casting/Mold Making
Clay Jensen
  • Tue 12:00-03:00PM, Oakland - Shaklee - 15: Welding Studio

Fall 2019

Section Name Meeting Info
FINAR-6160-2: SRL: Hyper-Clay
Nathan Lynch
  • Thu 4:00-07:00PM, Oakland - Treadwell - 2: Seminar
FINAR-6160-5: SRL: Photography: Books, Buddies and the Bay
Nelson Chan
  • Mon 4:00-07:00PM, San Francisco - Grad Center - GC12

Fall 2018

Section Name Meeting Info
FINAR-616-01: SRL: Open Source
Barney Haynes
  • Thu 12:00-03:00PM
FINAR-616-02: SRL: Hyper-Clay
Nathan Lynch
  • Thu 4:00-07:00PM, Treadwell - 2: Seminar
FINAR-616-03: SRL: Weaving Salon
Joshua Faught
  • Thu 4:00-07:00PM, Textiles - 4: Weaving studio
FINAR-616-04: SRL: Reappearing Acts
Shaun O'Dell
  • Thu 12:00-03:00PM, Grad Center - GC1