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ETHST-2000-2: Your Art, Your Impact: Education & Community Development

Fall 2022

Subject: Critical Ethnic Studies - Studio
Type: Studio
Delivery Mode: In-Person
Level: Undergraduate

Campus: San Francisco
Course Dates: August 31, 2022 — December 13, 2022
Mon 12:00-03:00PM, Main Bldg - 150 (Nave Presentation Space)
Thu 12:00-03:00PM
Instructor: Amana Harris

Units: 3.0
Enrolled: 12/16


SECTION DESCRIPTIONThis course takes a new look at community based and contemporary art practices from a self-exploratory, education, social justice and civic engagement lens. We will investigate values, ethics and self-development concepts; explore education from a historical and present day context; learn about activist artists; and infuse all of these concepts to inform and push the boundaries of your own art practice. Art that incorporates spiritual and ethical renewal, as well as social responsiveness and environmental transformation is a primary focus as we investigate methods employed by a growing movement of activist artists. Students will work in the ways they are accustomed to as studio artists, while also developing arts projects that address local social and environmental concerns. 

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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