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ETHST-3000-7: Agitprop: Issues and Causes

Fall 2022

Subject: Critical Ethnic Studies - Studio
Type: Studio
Delivery Mode: In-Person
Level: Undergraduate

Course Dates: August 31, 2022 — December 13, 2022
Meetings: Mon/Thu 12:00-03:00PM
Instructor: Steve Jones

Units: 3.0
Enrolled: 5/8


Critical Ethnic Studies Studio introduce students to the interrelations between race/ethnicity, art making and design practices. These courses complement the Critical Ethnic Studies Seminars with their hands-on approach in which themes of ethnic identity are incorporated into studio and community practices.SECTION DESCRIPTIONagitprop | ˈajətˌpräp |
noun - political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature: [as modifier] : agitprop painters.Origin - 1930s: Russian, blend of agitatsiya ‘agitation’ and propaganda. Agitprop, “agitation” and “propaganda,” is political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature. Propaganda involves persuasive strategies, but is different than persuasion in its intended outcome. A graphic design approach to propaganda will involve an examination of the relationship of message to context, focusing on the intentionality and responses of an audience, and lead to an understanding of propaganda as a communication process. This course will explore the history of propaganda from the mid 19th century to its modern day manifestation in American/global politics. Each student will have an opportunity to explore her/his individual values to establish a theme for a campaign and attempt to persuade a targeted audience through several class assignments. 

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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