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PHCRT-2000-8: Creative Ecologies

Fall 2022

Subject: Philosophy and Critical Theory
Type: Seminar
Delivery Mode: In-Person
Level: Undergraduate

Campus: San Francisco
Course Dates: August 31, 2022 — December 13, 2022
Meetings: Fri 4:00-07:00PM, Hubbell - 161 A
Instructor: Brian Karl

Units: 3.0
Enrolled: 15/18 Waitlist


How do humans understand “Nature”? Where do they get their ideas about surviving and thriving in the larger world, and what radical shifts in thinking might be necessary and/or in the making? This course looks at innovative projects by creative thinkers – artists, scientists and activists – who propose novel approaches to environmental issues in practical and often paradigm-shifting terms. Students are asked to research on others’ creative projects addressing concerns of sustainability and the environment or develop their own addressing environment. The class also investigates thinking from eco-feminist, indigenous and other critical voices concerned with how people through cultural habits and attitudes “treat” all kinds of nature, including their own by-products and waste that have become second nature -- from housing developments and radioactive nuclear fallout to human waste. 

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites:

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