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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging: Goals

Last updated on Sep 21, 2021

A central theme of CCA's strategic plan is to cultivate diversity by accomplishing the following three goals through a series of initiatives:

Increase racial, socioeconomic, and global diversity among students, staff, faculty, and trustees

  • Advertise positions in resources specifically aimed at professional communities of color
  • Include specific language in job postings that encourages diverse and culturally competent applicants
  • Increase visibility through faculty and staff of color fellowship with institutional resources to support meetings and activities
  • Commit additional resources for potential opportunity hires for successful candidates of color
  • Explore collaborating with our AICAD partners on a “grow your own” visiting-faculty program (e.g., a “post-MFA” fellowship for new faculty of color)
  • Increase diversity scholarships for students
  • Create partnerships with local feeder schools to improve outreach to potential students of color and foster a successful pipeline through recruitment to retention, success, and graduation
  • Foster mentoring/outreach between students and faculty of color; create a faculty mentor to students of color position

Develop our pedagogy and curriculum to reflect social and cultural diversity

  • Explore ways to include cultural competency and literacy in beginning-level required courses
  • Launch and support the ENGAGE at CCA program that strengthens CCA’s values of community partnership and social justice
  • Organize a diversity curriculum committee of faculty leaders who can oversee the enhancement of diversity in the curriculum and sponsor diversity pedagogy training
  • Provide training for faculty that addresses incorporating diversity into their curricula, working with a diverse group of students, and adopting transformative pedagogies
  • Conduct "state of affairs" survey to get a good sense of where/how diversity currently exists in the major curricula
  • Provide rewards for faculty (line release, curriculum development grants) to diversify their courses

Build a campus community that supports and values diversity

  • Develop a diversity news and resources section on the college website
  • Explore hiring a chief diversity officer who will ensure a continued focus on and improvement in diversity in all areas
  • Enhance the Center Student Grant program to incentivize students who are working on projects connected to social justice and diversity
  • Form ongoing student affinity/identity groups and provide adequate institutional support
  • Make diversity a priority outside of targeted diversity programming, while also continuing to build specific diversity events and symposia
  • Create more comfortable gathering spaces to encourage organic community building
  • Create a required cultural competency training for all staff (especially focusing on student services staff, counselors, and advisors) and faculty
  • Ensure all orientations (student, faculty, staff, and trustees) include introductory conversations about community standards and diversity