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Standing in solidarity together against anti-Asian violence and racism

Posted February 22, 2021, 2:49 PM

Updated December 16, 2022, 9:12 AM

This message was sent to the CCA community on February 22, 2021

Dear CCA Community,

There has been a disturbing increase in violence and discrimination against Asian and Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities since the onset of the pandemic nearly a year ago. Layered on top of the overlapping health, financial, social, and political stressors of the past year, this rise has been intensified by anti-China rhetoric from white-supremacist groups, irresponsible media, and national leaders who repeatedly—and wrongly—blamed a single country and its people for the spread of a virus that cares nothing about borders or nationalities.

In recent weeks, heightened media attention to violence against Asians, including several high-profile incidents here in the Bay Area, has brought greater visibility to the problem of anti-Asian racism. The level of attention and awareness may seem new, but anti-Asian racism is most certainly not; it is deeply embedded in this country’s history.

CCA condemns these acts of violence and discrimination, and denounces the racism and rhetoric that feed them. As creative citizens and caring members of the CCA community, we must stand in solidarity with those among us who are experiencing trauma, grief, or fear, and understand that violence against Asian communities is an assault against us all.

In doing so, we must also challenge images and narratives that promote stereotypes or diminish the complexity of racism in this country. Anti-Asian violence and discrimination are closely intertwined with that experienced by other BIPOC communities. So too, however, is a long history of coalition building, activism, and unity among marginalized communities.

Many members of our CCA community have been working—some throughout their lives and careers—to address the root causes of this violence and discrimination, and to advocate for creative, community-driven solutions that will foster unity and increase safety for all. I would like to thank CCA professors Thi Bui and Maxwell Leung, and dean Tina Takemoto, who have shared their invaluable perspectives and wisdom with me, as well as many of the resources I am pleased to share with you below.




Counseling Services [CCA mental health crisis hotline: +1 415-551-9344]

Office of International Student Affairs and Programs (ISAP)

Office of the Dean of Students – Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement

CCA Care Form – Report a concern regarding a CCA student or incidents of harassment, or receive referral to services. (Do not use the form for emergency situations requiring immediate attention.)


Take action

Safety Tips for Those Experiencing or Witnessing Hate

Oakland Chinatown Coalition volunteer sign-up – Join a volunteer foot patrol or find other volunteer opportunities.

Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit

Learn more

What This Wave of Anti-Asian Violence Reveals About America” by Anne Anlin Cheng (New York Times, February 21, 2021)

Silence is consent to anti-Asian racism in California and around the world” op-ed by Asia Society President Kevin Rudd (San Francisco Chronicle, February 17, 2021)

Rising crime, calls for solidarity: a deeper look at what’s happening in Chinatown” by Sarah Belle Lin and Darwin BondGraham (Oaklandside, February 12, 2021)

Organizations and advocacy groups

APEN (Asian Pacific Environmental Network)

AAPI Women Lead

Chinese Progressive Association

Stop AAPI Hate

Chinese for Affirmative Action