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President's Diversity Steering Group

Racial Justice & Equity Initiatives

Please use the form below to input 1-4 recommendations for racial justice and equity initiatives at CCA.
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The President’s Diversity Steering Group (PDSG) is composed of key faculty, staff, and students who are advocates for human rights and social justice, and who work together to guide the college's fulfillment of its diversity, equity, and inclusion mission and goals.

This guidance is achieved through:

  • Providing and prioritizing strategic and tactical recommendations in regards to diversifying our community, curriculum, and climate;
  • Advising the president and other senior administrators on such matters;
  • Measuring and communicating the progress the college has made on achieving its goals;
  • Ensuring the college is accountable for its continued growth and development with regards to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

PDSG Members

Leadership Team:

Diversity & Inclusion Task Force:

Constituency Representatives:

Student Representatives:

  • Alistair Bottorff, Student - Animation / Assistant Senior Fellow of CCA Student Council's Diversity and Inclusion Branch
  • Zephyr Villegas, Student - Animation / Senior Fellow of CCA Student Council's Diversity and Inclusion Branch
  • Nanami 'Mina' Yokota, Student - Film / CCA Student Council Coordinator

Faculty Representatives:

  • David Asari, Graphic Design / Faculty of Color Research Alliance Co-chair
  • Tonya Foster, Writing & Literature / Faculty of Color Research Alliance Co-chair

Staff Representatives:

  • Janeece Hayes, Associate Director of Student Life / Staff of Color Alliance Co-coordinator
  • Analisa Rios Woo, Associate Director of Web and Mobile Services, Educational Technology Services / Staff of Color Alliance Co-coordinator

Alumni Representatives:


All members of the CCA community are welcome to attend and participate in PDSG meetings as ad hoc members. To receive meeting reminders and gain access to meeting notes, please add your name to the PDSG mailing list (see below).

Mailing Lists

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PDSG Sponsorship Grants

Seeking funds to help support your DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) activity or event?

Please use the form below to request funding support from the PDSG for your event or special request. [Note: PDSG funds are primarily earmarked to support campus-wide DEI programming and initiatives .]


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