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Last updated on Oct 25, 2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a course guide?

A course guide presents a program's degree requirements in one possible term-by-term sequence. You may use course guides to plan for future coursework and account for requirements.

Which course guide do I use?

Requirements differ by program, so programs have unique course guides. These guides also differ according when you started attending CCA.

You should use the course guide that corresponds both to your program of study and to the year you started attending CCA.

Am I required to follow the course guide?

You are not required to take courses in the order recommended by your course guide. This is merely one possible sequence. The course guide, alongside other academic planning tools, should be used as a reference to help you stay on track for graduation.

What other planning tools should I use?

You have a suite of academic planning tools available in Workday, such as your academic progress report, academic plan, and saved schedules. (Workday is also where you'll register for courses). Undergraduate students should also make use of CCA's academic advising resources.