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Academic Planning + Registration

Last updated on Mar 19, 2021

Use the guides below for help navigating a typical academic planning and registration cycle in Workday. Keep in mind that each of these tools can be useful at any point in the cycle and throughout your time at CCA.


Understand your Academic Record, including transfer credit (if applicable)

Also called Academic History, your Academic Record shows all of your completed coursework at CCA as well as any transfer credit you have received, including credit from exams and credit from coursework outside of CCA.

Assess your progress towards degree completion

Your Academic Progress report shows how your coursework and transfer credit apply towards your degree, displaying which degree requirements you have satisfied and which requirements you have not satisfied. Reference this report throughout your academic planning and registration process.


Understand your Academic Plan

Your Academic Plan is a multi-year course planning tool that allows you to choose courses for each semester based on your degree requirements. Using your Academic Plan makes it easier to draft schedules for registration. Refer to the course guide for your major and your matriculation date for help guidance in filling out your plan.

Draft a Saved Schedule

Create a potential schedule (known in Workday as a Saved Schedule) for an upcoming term, selecting specific course sections for each of the courses in your academic plan.


Register for courses

During your registration appointment window, register for courses directly from your Academic Plan.

Review and adjust your registered courses

After registration, review your registered courses / class schedule. Then, during the add/drop period, you swap out of one course section and enroll in another or drop a course all together. Workday also provides a way to add individual courses to your schedule without altering your other registered courses.

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