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Courses vs. Course Sections in Workday

Last updated on Aug 14, 2019

  • Workday distinguishes between courses, which may be taught over a number of years, and course sections, or instances of a course taught in a particular term.

  • Since courses and course sections have distinct entries in Workday, it's useful to know the differences between them and how to recognize each.

  • Notably, students actually register in course sections, though they will specify courses in their Academic Plans. Other major differences are listed below.

Major Differences Between Courses and Course Sections


Course Sections

May be taught each year / over a number of years

"Snapshots" of a course taught in a particular term

Each course can have one or many course sections

Multiple course sections can be scheduled each term

No associated instructor(s), location(s), or meeting pattern(s)

Has instructor(s), location(s), and meeting pattern(s)

Has eligibility rules, like prerequisites and corequisites

Inherits eligibility rules from parent course*

Browse using "Find CCA Courses" report

Browse using "[Semester] [Year] Course Schedule" report or "Find CCA Course Sections" report

Course code is made up of subject abbreviation and 4-digit number

Course section code is made up of subject abbreviation, 4-digit number, and 1- to 2-digit section number

Selected in the "Academic Plan"

Selected in "Saved Schedules"

*Course sections may also have section-specific eligibility rules, distinct from the rules inherited from the parent course.

More of a visual learner? See the infographic below: