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Hiding / Unhiding Gradebook

Last updated on Jun 30, 2023

About Moodle gradebook visibility

All new courses have their gradebooks hidden from students by default. This means students are unable to see their grades on their Moodle profiles and they cannot access the Grader Report in their course.

However, they will still be able to access individual assignment grades on the assignment itself, as long as you have not hidden that individual item. Once you have set up your gradebook, you can choose to unhide it by following the instructions below.

1 In your course, click on "Settings" in the navigation area under the Course title.

Screenshot of the edit settings option in Moodle

2 Scroll down the page and click on the section named "Appearance."

3 Under "Appearance," locate the "Show gradebook to students" setting and change the dropdown to "Yes."

Screenshot of the Show gradebook to students option in Moodle

4 "Save and display" to save your changes.

Screenshot of the Save and display button in Moodle