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Moodle Profile - Students

Last updated on Apr 15, 2021

Your personalized Profile settings will affect your Moodle experience. You can change your picture, time zone, and notifications. You can also view your courses, grades, and more.

Log in

To access your Moodle profile, log in at using your CCA username and password. Once you are logged in, click the image icon or down arrow in the top right corner, then click Profile.



When you click “Profile”, you will be able to edit your profile image, change your preferences, view your courses, forum posts, and grades. Please note that grades will only be visible for courses where the instructor has made the gradebook visible. Individual assignment grades may also be visible by visiting the assignment(s) in your course(s).

Avoid using the Moodle mobile app to upload media to the Moodle course page or the Forums. We are receiving reports of broken functionality. We are communicating to students that they should be using the mobile for consumption and text-based interactions, but that they should use a browser on a laptop or desktop to upload media.


Edit Profile

After clicking “edit profile” you will see this page. Here you can update your location, timezone, and profile image. You are also able to change your first name to your preferred or chosen name. We recommend notifying your instructors after changing your name, to avoid any confusion.

Note : To change your legal/preferred/chosen name in Workday, follow this step-by-step guide. For general assistance in correcting your chosen name in Workday, Moodle, Zoom, or other CCA platforms, prior to legal action, please contact ETS Help Desk.

Moodle_Profile_April 2021_Update.png

Suggested Notification Settings


You can access your notification preferences two ways.

  1. Click on your profile picture in the top right corner and go to Preferences. At the bottom of User Account section go to Notification preferences.


2. Alternatively, you can go to your Profile and click on the gear icon to change your preferences. Notification preferences is listed at the bottom.

Once you click into Notification preferences, you then have the option to change notifications for Web, Email and Mobile. By default, all notifications are turned on for email. We recommend that you turn on notifications for web in the assignment, feedback, forum, lesson, quiz and scheduler categories in order to see those notifications when you log in to Moodle as well.


You can also opt in to get Moodle notifications on your mobile device with the Moodle app.

Please note that you should avoid using the Moodle mobile app to upload media to the Moodle course page or the forums. The mobile app can be used for consumption and text-based interactions, but you should use a browser on a laptop or desktop to upload media.