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Comics Minor Curriculum + Courses

Last updated on Jan 11, 2023

Minor Requirements

Comics Minor (18 units)

ILLUS- 2121: Illus Tools: Comics

1 course (3 units)

COMIX- 1200: Foundations in Comics and Visual Storytelling

1 course (3 units)

COMIX 3600: Media History: History and Theory of Comics (fulfills one H&S Elective / 2000 Level)

1 course (3 units)

Choose 3 Additional Courses: ILLUS- 2120: Illus Tools: Inking OR COMIX- 2300: Comics Workshop: Writing for Comics I OR
COMIX- 2310: Comics Workshop: Writing for Comics II OR COMIX- 3300: Comics Workshop: Memoir, Non-Fiction, & Journalism OR COMIX-3100: Comics Perspective

3 courses (9 units)

Minor Courses

Finding Courses in Workday

Current Students: to browse courses for the Comics Minor in Workday, open the Find CCA Course Sections report and select the course tag "MINOR :: ILLUS: Comics Minor" in the Course Tag section of the left column.