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Last updated on Jul 31, 2023

Design: Industrial Design Minor

industrial design studio


Furniture Program students can supplement their Furniture curriculum by declaring a minor in Industrial Design. The 6-course minor introduces the discipline of Industrial Design and provides a set of industry specific skills such as digital modeling and workflow. 

The ID minor is best suited for Furniture students interested in pursuing careers as designers in furniture manufacturing and production. This minor reflects a longstanding relationship and cross-disciplinarity between Furniture and Industrial Design, and is structured to be completed without adding to projected graduation timelines or unit requirements.

Questions? Interest?

If you have any questions about the minor or how it might fit into your CCA career, please feel free to reach out to:

To declare the minor, download the Declare Your Minor Form »

Finding Courses

Students: to browse courses in this minor in Workday, open the Find CCA Course Sections report and select the course tag "MINOR " in the Course Tag section of the left column.