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Adjunct Promotion Process

Last updated on Sep 08, 2023

On this page you'll find details and instructions related to the processes for promotion to Adjunct II and Senior Adjunct.

Promotion to Senior Adjunct

Promotion to Adjunct II

Promotion to Senior Adjunct

General Instructions

Upon successful completion of teaching ten courses as an Adjunct II at CCA or twelve total semesters at CCA, the College will notify the Adjunct II of the date within 30 days after completion of the qualifying semester or course that the Adjunct II must submit to the Provost an application for promotion to Senior Adjunct.

This application must be submitted by the deadline set in your eligibility and application notification. If you are unsure of the deadline for your materials, please contact Em Meine ( to confirm.

Your submission, in addition to your course evaluations, syllabi, and a letter from your program chair will be reviewed by the Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure (APT) committee and the Provost. If you wish to have additional letters of support from program chairs (other than the chair of your program of locus) included with your materials, please contact Emma Goodacre ( with the names of the additional chair(s) so we may request the letter on your behalf.

Submitting your application
Please read all instructions thoroughly and carefully. If you have any questions regarding this application, your materials, or the promotion review process, please reach out to your program chair or to Em Meine (, Senior Director of Faculty Affairs and Records.

We suggest creating a document where you draft your candidate statement and then copy and paste it into this form so that you are abe to revise drafts and return to it without worrying about it being lost if the form reloads, etc.

Period of review
The "period of review" is the period from which APT and the provost will be assessing materials. For promotion to senior adjunct, they will assess teaching and professional work completed while you were at the rank of Adjunct II at CCA. If you were initially hired as an Adjunct II, this means that they will assess your performance since your hire. If you were hired as an Adjunct I and later promoted to Adjunct II, they will assess performance since your last promotion took effect.

Timeline and Process
Once you submit your application, it will be shared with your program chair who will review all materials (those you include here and those compiled on your behalf), and they will write a letter of recommendation regarding your promotion. This letter will be added to your promotion file. Chairs write letters for multiple faculty each semester, and have deadlines staggered over the course of the full semester for submitting these to Faculty Affairs. After the chair has submitted their feedback, the file is shared with the APT committee for review.

Once APT reviews your file, members submit notes, the APT chair drafts minutes, and those minutes are brought back to the full committee for approval. Approved minutes are then added to your file along with APT's promotion recommendation, and all materials are then sent to the provost for review. The provost reads and assesses the file and recommendation, and drafts an outcome letter. Those letters are then given to the Faculty Affairs office, who processes both the promotions and related outcome letters in Workday, where they again go through a series of back end approvals before notifications reach you, the applicant.

Because this is a multi-step process with many participants, it takes time to complete. It is important to remember that the APT committee reviews eight to ten files per meeting, and is often reviewing 80+ files per year. So while your application may have been ready for review at the beginning of the semester, it may not be scheduled for review until the last meeting of the semester based on the committee's workload. While your review is being conducted, you remain eligible to teach. The effective date of your promotion and raise will be back-dated to the semester stated in your eligibility notification, regardless of when the review process is completed.

Application Components

You will be required to provide the following as part of your application:

  • Name
  • Program of Locus
  • Candidate Statement
  • Professional Samples
  • Professional Sample List
  • CV
  • Portal profile link

Candidate Statement

This statement should provide a thoughtful, thorough, and comprehensive assessment of your performance in the areas of evaluation defined below.


Suggested word limit: 200 words

Teaching Effectiveness/Student Evaluations

When describing your teaching effectiveness, please summarize, evaluate, and contextualize your student evaluations, including recurring negative comments, in light of your overall teaching performance as well as the specific goals and challenges of your curricular program. Describe any work you have done to improve your teaching effectiveness and evaluate the outcome of these efforts. Your student evaluations will be thoroughly reviewed. Please refrain from abundant quoting from student evaluations.

Suggested word limit: 500 words

Professional Practice/Achievement

When describing your professional activity, please evaluate and contextualize your professional practice in light of your field(s) of expertise as well as the standard measures of achievement in the field(s).

If your professional work requires any additional contextualization in relation to your field, please include that here.

Suggested word limit: 500 words


Suggested word limit: 200 words

Please MAKE A COPY of the candidate statement template and complete each section. Name your template "LAST NAME statement" (e.g. Smith statement.pdf) and export it as a PDF to include with your application.

Professional Samples

For your application, you are required to upload up to 20 samples of professional work completed since you were last promoted to Adjunct II, or since you were hired, if initially hired at that rank.

NOTE: If submitting samples of writing (authored or co-authored books, entry or essay in a large book, peer-reviewed journal entry, other publication, etc.), each individual sample should include one of the following:

-submission of full length articles and essays with abstract in PDF format;

-submission of book with abstract in PDF format; OR

-submission of book excerpts including abstract, table of contents, intro chapter, and sample chapter(s) in PDF format

All files must be 1GB or smaller.


Please name your files with your name in last/first order, and then number them, 01 through 20, reflecting the order in which you'd like them to be viewed, prior to any file-specific name.

For example - if you are uploading 3 files, which you've titled "bookexcerpt.pdf," "shortessay.pdf," and "exhibitiontext.pdf" that you would like to be viewed in that order, please RETITLE THEM PRIOR TO UPLOADING AS FOLLOWS:

Doe Jane 01 bookexcerpt.pdf

Doe Jane 02 shortessay.pdf

Doe Jane 03 exhibitiontext.pdf

It is strongly recommended that you submit a minimum of five work samples. 

If this is not feasible for your professional practice, please consult with your program chair in advance of submitting your application to discuss the best materials to include.

Promotion to Adjunct II