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Last updated on Jun 29, 2022

Division of Student Affairs

View a more comprehensive list of college-wide student resources, programs, and services

CANVAS Program

CANVAS (CCA’s Artist’s Network Valuing Aspiring Scholars) is a scholars program which provides talented, historically under-represented incoming students of color leadership development and mentorship.  It is an immersive full year program that affords participants an advanced opportunity to engage with the people, departments and resources that will help them navigate their collegiate experience effectively and emerge as campus leaders.

CCA Cares

The College is committed to improving our community through a supportive and collaborative approach. The mission of the CCA Cares program is to prevent, intervene, and manage challenging situations that arise for members of the college community. We aim to identify underlying causes of such potential harm so that preventative action may benefit the students and the college community alike.

The CCA Cares form is overseen by the Assistant Dean of Students for Conduct and Case Management (ADoSCCM). The Assistant Dean of Students for Conduct and Case Management along with other members of the Dean of Students Team, Student Affairs Professionals, and other CCA Campus Partners (such as Academic Affairs Professionals and members of the Public Safety Department) collaboratively work together to address concerns reported via the form.


Coordinated by the Commencement Planning Committee, CCA's annual commencement ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of our graduating students.

Emergency Food Pantry

The donation-based Emergency Food Pantry service is designed to provide an emergency, short-term solution for CCA students who are experiencing food insecurity. The goal is to support students with quick access to food while connecting them to CCA resources that can help to achieve longer-term solutions to managing food security, such as local community food pantries and state assistance.

NOTE: The Emergency Food Pantry is currently closed.

The following resources are available:

Locker Rentals

Student Affairs rents lockers for student use. Lockers are available for the semester or for the full academic year.

Online Learning Resources

The Online Learning page is students’ gateway to information, resources, and support to help them succeed in an online learning environment. Topics include how to set up their online learning space; access available technologies and user support; connect remotely with student services such as advising, counseling, and financial aid; and policy changes and updates due to COVID–19. This page will be updated as additional information and resources become available.


CCA welcomes new students each fall and spring with New Student Orientation, which is coordinated by the Orientation Planning Committee. Orientation features workshops and activities to support the academic and personal success of all new students.

Parent & Family Resources

CCA partners with parents and families to help students thrive and attain success. Connect with the CCA community via social media, including the CCA Parents and Families Facebook Group, and stay informed with additional resources.

Prayer, Meditation, & Reflection Space

CCA's Prayer, Meditation, and Reflection space allows students and employees to experience a place of peace and sanctuary. The room was designed by LMNOP Design, a San Francisco-based firm that was founded by and consists of CCA Architecture alumni.

The space is located on the San Francisco Main Building, between W2 and the Student Lounge.

Property & Renters Insurance

CCA recognizes the importance of ensuring the safety of personal property. While CCA does not cover students' lost, stolen, or damaged property, we strongly urge all families to contact their insurance agents, check their homeowner's policies, and/or to consider purchasing renter's insurance.

CCA does not recommend or endorse any individual insurance company. However, please note that Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. provides information regarding personal property coverage.

Student Affairs News & Announcements

Throughout the fall and spring semesters, the weekly CCA Student Affairs News & Announcements emails will provide helpful reminders, share useful tips, and highlight programs and services designed to help students succeed at CCA.

Student Behavior

Code of Conduct

CCA expects its students to uphold the college’s values of artistic and academic excellence, compassion, integrity, and global citizenship. Student Affairs oversees administrative procedures, community outreach, and educational programming regarding the Student Code of Conduct and related policies.

To report potential violations of the policies listed below: CCA Cares: Reporting a Concern Report.

Residential Standards

CCA-provided housing carries with it the additional requirement all students conduct themselves as responsible members of the college residential community as well as the surrounding neighborhood community.

Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity Code, overseen by Academic Affairs, is to be upheld and enforced by all CCA students and faculty members. Depending on the nature and severity of the incident, violations of this code may result in academic or disciplinary sanctions, or both, up to and including failure of the course and dismissal from the college.

Student Insurance

California College of the Arts is committed to ensuring all students have the appropriate resources to uphold their physical health and wellness.

Per CCA policy, all students who are registered at 12 or more units per semester (9 units per term for all graduate students) are automatically charged for and enrolled in the CCA student insurance plan unless they submit an approved insurance waiver that meet's all of CCA's minimum requirements, by the established deadline (which is typically aligned with the end of the Add/Drop period).​

The CCA student insurance plan includes: Health Insurance Coverage (through Aetna); Dental and Vision Insurance Coverage (through Anthem Student Advantage); and, One Medical Membership (healthcare provider).

Students with Disabilities

The mission of Access / Disability Services is to ensure that all students can access the learning environment at CCA. Access / Disability Services accomplish this by ensuring students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities at CCA and by providing all students access to disability support services and viable health insurance coverage to maintain their health.

Transgender Students

As a welcoming and inclusive college, CCA strives to provide transgender students information and resources that are relevant and useful.

Undocumented Students

As a welcoming and inclusive college, CCA strives to provide undocumented students information and resources that are relevant and useful.


Student Affairs announces a variety of wellness-focused programming, resources, and special offers for CCA students (e.g., gym discounts) in the weekly Student Affairs News and Announcements. Wellness options include activities and events hosted by the Office of Student Life; sports and athletic activities organized by student groups; and programming sponsored by other offices. Interested students are encouraged to check their CCA email, campus fliers, and the CCA Portal for updates.