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The CCA Care Team supports students whose behavior may be distressing, disruptive, disturbing, or dangerous. CCA community members can report students of concern through the CCA Cares Report form, and the CCA Care Team will determine how to best support each student.

Be aware. Show you care.


Coordinated by the Commencement Planning Committee, CCA's annual commencement ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of our graduating students.


When campuses are open, the donation-based Emergency Food Pantry service is designed to provide an emergency, short-term solution for CCA students who are experiencing food insecurity. The goal is to support students with quick access to food while connecting them to CCA resources that can help to achieve longer-term solutions to managing food security, such as local community food pantries and state assistance.

SPRING 2021: While campuses are closed, the Emergency Food Pantry is temporarily closed. Please refer to the resources listed under "COVID-19-Related Financial Support Resources" below for assistance with food insecurity.


When campuses are open, Student Affairs rents lockers for student use on both campuses. Lockers are available for the semester or for the full academic year.

SPRING 2021: New locker rentals are suspended while campuses are closed. Spring 2020 locker rentals have been automatically extended without charge until campuses reopen. Please email Student Affairs regarding questions about locker access.



When campuses are open, a limited variety of merchandise is for sale in the Student Affairs offices on both campuses. (Sales benefit student activities.)

SPRING 2021: On-campus merchandise sales are temporarily suspended until campuses reopen.


CCA T-shirts and sweatshirts can be purchased from ARCH art and drafting supply store. Check out the their website for online and phone ordering as well as curbside pick-up options at their store next to CCA’s 80 Carolina building in San Francisco.


The latest news about new policies, updates, and announcements that impact student learning are available on the Portal under Online Learning: A Student's Guide. Review an introduction to essential platforms for online learning at CCA, find links to access online appointments with an array of student support offices, and much more.


CCA welcomes new students each fall and spring with New Student Orientation, which is coordinated by the Orientation Planning Committee. Orientation features workshops and activities to support the academic and personal success of all new students.


CCA partners with students’ parents and families to help students thrive and attain success. Stay connected with CCA and the parent and family community via the CCA Parents and Families Facebook Group, Campus Link newsletter, and other resources.


Student Affairs conveys information to the student community through online announcements and all-student email messages.


CCA expects its students to uphold the college’s values of artistic and academic excellence, compassion, integrity, and global citizenship. Student Affairs oversees administrative procedures, community outreach, and educational programming regarding the Student Code of Conduct and related policies. To report potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct, please submit a CCA Care Form.

(Note: Academic Affairs oversees the Academic Integrity Code.)


CCA recognizes that some students and their families are experiencing unexpected financial hardship due to the disruptions caused by COVID–19. Students and families who are experiencing financial difficulties due to the pandemic are encouraged to contact:

For those eligible, additional aid may be available due to the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID–19 pandemic. The CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund-IHE/Student Aid provides funding to institutions to distribute emergency financial aid grants to students whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic.

CARES funds may be used to help cover housing, food insecurities, travel, school supplies/technology, medical, and other related expenses. For more information please visit the following portal pages:

It is important to know that the CARES Act funding is different from CCA Cares. CCA Cares offers referrals to campus resources while the CARES Act is funding that is distributed by CCA’s Financial Aid office. Students who are encountering additional challenges to completing their semester should submit a CCA Care Form to be connected with the appropriate resources.

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