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Health Insurance

Last updated on Jun 08, 2023

The information below is applicable from August 1, 2022 to July 31, 2023. Information regarding 2023-2024 coverage will be posted later this summer (early July).

Health Insurance Coverage: Aetna

CCA's student health insurance's medical coverage is provided through Aetna, giving students access to a network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and specialists throughout the Bay Area and nationwide.

  • All Aetna enrolled students must print out their Aetna Medical ID card each semester. Aetna ID cards will be available to print beginning August 1st for Fall, and January 1st for Spring.
  • CCA strongly encourages students on the school's insurance plan to use One Medical as their primary healthcare provider. They accept Aetna insurance and membership is included as part of the plan.
  • To locate Aetna providers or check if your current healthcare providers are covered under the CCA health insurance plan, please use Aetna’s DocFind tool: Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy. [Select "OA Elect Choice EPO" insurance type.]
  • Undergraduate students registered for fewer than 12 units/term and graduate students taking less than 9 units/term are ineligible for the Aetna student health plan. Students are encouraged to see what options are available on the insurance marketplace.
  • An insurance fee is charged for each term at registration. For more information, visit: Student Health Insurance Fees & Eligibility.


  • 24 hour Aetna Advice Nurse: 1-800-556-1555
  • For specific questions about Aetna benefits, please call Aetna Student Support: 1-877-480-4161
    - Dial "0" to skip to speak with an Aetna representative.
    - Call before 3:00pm (PST).
  • For general inquiries, please contact Student Affairs’ Student Insurance Services team at

2022-2023 AETNA Student Health Insurance Plan at a Glance

In-Network Provider

Out-of-Network Provider



Not Applicable


$100 Per Policy Year

Not Applicable


$6,000 Per Policy Year

Not Applicable

Office Visit

100% (of the Negotiated Charge) after $25 copay

Not Applicable


90% (of the Negotiated Charge) Per Admission

Not Applicable


90% (of the Negotiated Charge) after $150 copay

Payable the same as in-network coverage


Prescriptions paid at 100% of the Negotiated Charge
with the following copays:

$10 Copay for Preferred Generic Drugs
$40 Copay for Preferred Brand Drugs
$70 Copay for Non-Preferred Drugs

Not Applicable

Generic Prescription Drug Substitution

If you or your prescriber requests a covered brand-name prescription drug when a covered generic prescription drug equivalent is available, you will be responsible for the cost difference between the generic prescription drug and the brand-name prescription drug, plus the cost sharing that applies to the brand-name prescription drug. The cost difference is not applied towards your policy year deductible or maximum out-of-pocket limit.