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Living in Founders Hall

Last updated on Sep 08, 2022

Important Contact Information

Founders Hall Front Desk


Residential Education

Housing Operations & Administration

Meal Plan Questions or Concerns

Makers Cafe

Maintenance Request

Service Request

Public Safety Security Escort



Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning Supplies are available for checkout at the Front Desk.

  • Disposable Gloves
  • Disinfecting Spray
  • Vacuums
  • Swiffer Dusters
  • Brooms
  • Dustpans
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaning Solution

Mail & Packages

Mailing address for Founder's Hall Residences:

First Last Name

188 Hooper St [room number]

San Francisco, CA 94107


All USPS mail will be delivered to the Luxer One system located in the East Wing of the 1st Floor.


For FedEx, UPS, DHL, OnTrack, or any other delivery service, deliveries will be placed in the Luxor One parcel service located in the West Wing of the building, in the main lobby. There is a fee for this service. Students must sign up for this parcel delivery service upon move into Founders. Residents will then be able to pick up their packages after being notified through email. If Founder's residents want to avoid this fee, they should have their packages held on-site at a delivery service’s location.

You can download the Luxer One application to your phone after your account has been set-up.


On-Site Laundry

Download the WASH-Connect Application

Watch the Following Video to learn how to use the App


  • The laundry machines also accept coins.
  • If you are having connectivity issues, try turning your Bluetooth settings off and back on to find the machines.
  • The application has great instructional videos and a how-to-guide is available as well
  • If a machine is not working, please fill out a service request on the application.

Fire Safety

Please reference the Residential Community Standards for our policies regarding Fire Safety.

Smoke Safety

  • Do not inhale the smoke!
  • If you are able to safely, the following will help your room air out the smoke:
    • open your window
    • turn your bathroom fan and kitchen vent on
  • Leave your room and call the RA on Duty phone
  • Do not prop open your door!
  • Smoke in the hallways will set off the building's fire alarm, causing an evacuation.

Cooking Appliances

🟢 Permitted ✅

⛔️ Not Permitted 🚫

Electric Tea Kettles



Toasters & Toaster Ovens


Electric Hamburger Cookers

Can Openers

Waffle Irons & Ceramic Sealed Hot Plates


Deep Fryers

Drip Coffee Makers

Countertop Electric Grills

Allowed in units with Kitchens / Kitchenettes Only:

Crock pots

Rice Cookers


In Kitchen/Kitchenettes Only: Persons are also allowed to use concealed crock pots, rice cookers and instapots. A kitchen/kitchenette is defined as an area designated for cooking, and is equipped with a sink, a countertop surface, and proper exhaust ventilation. These units include all apartments in Blattner and Panoramic, and the units located on the fifth floor at Founders Hall. RAs residing on Floors 1-4 within the Small Private studios designed for staff may also use these items.

This list is not extensive, if something is not listed please reach out to for permission


We understand that you will likely decorate your space to feel comfortable in your unit. Please review the following guidelines when decorating.

  • No flags or banners or other cloth/flammable decorations are to be hung on or from the ceiling/wall.
  • Do not use clear tape, pushpins, nails, or tacks to hang posters.
  • Please use painter's tape (blue), or hanging/mounting putty to prevent wall damage.
  • String lights may not have more than 3 strands plugged into one another continuously.
  • Try to use LED lights, they are much safer and also reduce the power usage - so they are better for the environment!

Bike Room Access

See bike room access information on our Transportation section of portal.