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How to apply and important dates

Last updated on Jan 19, 2022



Application Period Begins


Spring 2022

October 12

Still accepting, please contact us at


Fall 2022

Application Period Begins


Priority (continuing students)

February 1, 2022

March 15, 2022

Priority (new students)

February 1, 2022

May 15, 2022


  1. Access your Housing at CCA account: CCA username and password (same as your CCA email)
  2. Select “get started” (the blue button next to the Housing Application title)
  3. Read the housing application carefully, and complete all fields as necessary
  4. Review and submit your application (students required to live on campus also sign their agreement at this step)
  5. Upon receipt of your application, the housing admin team will review your application and enter you into the housing assignment process
  6. Upon receiving, review and sign the Housing License Agreement: This will be sent through your CCA Housing account
  7. Pay the required non-refundable Housing Confirmation Payment at the time of signing your agreement, instructions will be sent to you with your agreement (not applicable for students required to live on campus)
  8. You will receive your roommate and room assignment by mid June for Fall and by early December for Spring
  9. Charges for housing will be applied to your account on or near July 1 for Fall and December 1 for Spring

If you are having issues accessing the application in Symplicity and do not see a "blue button" as outlined in step #2, please contact us!

Please note for Spring 2022, the Roommate matching functionality has been turned off. Please email with the name of the person you wish to roommate with.


Assignment Protocols

Students may request a roommate of their choice at the time of applying. Suite assignments will be prioritized for complete roommate groups (ex. Founders Hall 3 bedroom suite will be prioritized to a roommate group with 3 members, rather than 2 members). Please create your roommate groups based on the “first room type preference” selected on your housing application. You will be notified in advance if your roommate group is not approved for a multiple bedroom suite so you can adjust your roommate group accordingly.

Select a roommate (two ways)

  1. Roommate Matching: is when you know a person with whom you wish to be roommates. You will need to share your roommate codes between members of your requested roommate group. Your roommate code can be seen at the top-right corner of any screen in your Housing at CCA account.
  2. Profile Browsing: is for when you do not have a requested roommate in mind, but would like to have some autonomy in selecting a roommate for yourself. You can set search filters and message with or request potential roommates who you think will be a good fit based on their roommate matching questionnaire . All profile browsing is anonymous until a roommate invitation is sent.

Request a Roommate:

  • Go to the "roommates" tab.
  • Choose the upcoming term in the "choose a term" drop-down.
  • Select either "find someone you know" (roommate matching) or "search resident profiles".
  • Enter your roommate's roommate code, or search for a resident profile that meets your roommate expectations.
  • Select "send invitation" to initiate a roommate request.

When the person accepts your request, you will see them as part of your roommate group on the right-side column of the roommate groups page.

Note: Roommate requests must be approved by all parties. All parties must have applied and be deposited before the appropriate priority application deadline in order to be accommodated. Roommate requests submitted after your application date cannot be guaranteed.

Access and Disability Services

If you have an access or disability accommodation request please submit your request with the Access and Disability Services office as soon as possible. Starting the intake process early on will help college staff identify the best room type for you.

We're here to help!

  • Questions regarding the housing registration/application process, roommates, or your assignment, please contact or (415) 551-9223.